Student Exchange Programme

Overseas Exchange 

Students in the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry have the opportunity to attend exchange programmes with our partner universities in Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These programmes will enrich your learning experience, allowing you to better understand different cultures and lifestyles, and gain new friends.

You may do coursework and/or your Final Year Project during the exchange. Courses read during the exchange programme can count toward your degree (but see below for restrictions). Overseas Final Year Projects are subject to the availability and agreement of a research supervisor at the host university (you will have to arrange this for yourself). Click here for more information about Overseas FYPs.

Ground Rules for Exchange Programmes

  1. Core modules may not be read on exchange, with the exception of CM3061 and CM3062 (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry Laboratory 3 and 4).
  2. You may only read up to 4 Major Prescribed Electives (PEs) on exchange.
  3. No course prerequisite waivers will be granted.
  4. Only courses currently offered in CBC may be matched. We will not match courses that we do not currently offer, like CM4022.
  5. Students are not allowed to go on exchange during their final semester.
  6. The Division will not agree to administer any exams on behalf of the host university.
  7. Coursework overloading/underloading are subject to approval by NTU. Underloading is also subject to approval by the host university.

Please visit the GEM Explorer Page for information about full-semester exchange programmes, the available partner universities, and application procedures. (Overseas FYPs have to be taken as full-semester courses.) Visit the Gem Discoverer Page for information about shorter exchange programmes (including exchange programmes during the Special Terms (summer vacation).

See also the Overseas Exchange FAQs.

Please contact the Division's Overseas Exchange coordinators for advice. In particular, we can give you advice regarding your eligibility, your study plan during the exchange, and financial assistance concerns.