Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for PhD Students

The PhD programme has a minimum candidature period of 2 years, and a maximum of 5 years. Most students complete the programme in 4 years.


Graduate coursework forms the basis of the intensive preparation for research work. It gives graduate students a broad and in-depth understanding of key and contemporary topics in mathematics, from which they can then launch into more detailed investigations of research literature. The coursework requirements include research seminars, with the objective of leading students toward current research frontiers.

PhD students must complete the following coursework requirements:

For the last module, students may choose a course offered by another school/division, subject to approval from MAS and the other school/division.

Courses taken to fulfill the above requirements must be taken on a letter grade basis, and PhD students are expected to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.5. We encourage students to finish their coursework by the end of their second semester of study, in order to sit for the Qualifying Examination on time (see below).

Qualifying Examination

PhD students must pass the qualifying examination (QE) within their first 18 months of study. Click here for more information about the QE.


PhD students must write a research thesis. Click here for the thesis formatting and submission policies set by NTU's Office of Academic Services (OAS).

Each student should meet regularly (at least once a year) with a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC), who will provide advice to ensure that the thesis is on track for completion. Once the student and supervisor have agreed that the thesis is ready, it should be submitted online (via GSLink → Academic → Thesis → Thesis Submission). After being endorsed by the supervisor, the thesis will be sent to three independent examiners for evaluation.

After the thesis has been evaluated, the student must defend it in an oral examination. The oral examination will be scheduled by the school.

Completed theses must be posted to the NTU Digital Repository.

Graduation Requirements for MSc Students

The MSc programme has a minimum candidature period of 1 year, and a maximum of 3 years.

MSc students must complete 12 AUs of coursework consisting of:

Courses taken to fulfill these requirements must be taken on a letter grade basis, and MSc students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

MSc students must also write a research thesis. The thesis procedure and requirements are the same as for PhD students; however, MSc theses are usually of more limited scope than PhD theses, and are evaluated by two rather than three examiners.