Minors in Mathematics and Finance

The Division of Mathematical Sciences (MAS) offers a Minor in Mathematics for non-MAS majors. It also offers a Minor in Finance for selected MAS majors, in collaboration with the Nanyang Business School.

Minor in Mathematics

NTU students who are not majoring in the Mathematical Sciences are eligible to pursue a minor in Mathematics. This minor programme introduces students to the fundamental topics of mathematics, such as linear algebra, disrete mathematics, and group theory, as well as advanced pure and applied mathematics topics such as topology, graph theory, and optimization.

The minor requires a minimum of 15 AUs of MHXXX (Mathematical Sciences) courses (excluding MH1401, MH1402. MH2401, MH4900, MH4901/3/7, MH8xxx, and MH9xxx) , of which at least 6 AUs must be intermediate-to-advanced courses (MH2XXX/3XXX/4XXX).

Engineering Math Courses (MH1810/MH1811/MH1812/MH2810/MH2811/MH2814) does not contributes to Minor in Mathematics.

For students who do not have calculus and/or linear algebra in their major curriculum, the following course combination is highly recommended:

For students whose major curriculum includes calculus and/or linear algebra (equivalent to MH1100/MH1101/MH1200 or MH1802/MH1803/MH2802), the division recommends that the minor requirements be fulfilled by courses other than introductory calculus and/or linear algebra courses. Some suitable courses are listed below:

MH1300 - Foundations of Mathematics
4 AU
MH2100 - Calculus III
4 AU
MH2200 - Groups and Symmetry
3 AU
MH1201 - Linear Algebra II
4 AU
MH1301 - Discrete Mathematics
3 AU
MH2500 - Probability and Introduction to Statistics
4 AU
MH2801 - Complex Methods for the Sciences
3 AU
MH3200 - Abstract Algebra I
3 AU
MH3600 - Knots and Surfaces: Introduction to Topology
4 AU
MH3700 - Numerical Analysis I
3 AU
MH3511 - Data Analysis with Computer
3 AU
MH3210 - Number Theory
4 AU
MH3300 - Graph Theory
4 AU
MH3701 - Basic Optimization
4 AU

For students in the C.N. Yang Scholars programme, certain criteria are modified:
  • The following courses do not count towards a minor in Mathematics: MH1100, MH1101, MH1200, MH1201, and MH2100.
  • The requirement of at least six AUs from MH2xxx/MH3xxx/MH4xxx is dropped.

Minor in Finance

The use of advanced mathematical methods – such as statistics, probability, computing, differential equations, and optimization – has become essential in many areas of modern finance and economics. The Minor in Finance programme is designed to give select Mathematical Sciences majors the chance to explore this exciting area, by taking additional courses in finance and economics offered by the Nanyang Business School (NBS).


The Minor in Finance programme is offered only to Mathematical Sciences (MAS) majors. Students can enter this programme in two ways. The first route is to matriculate directly into the programme. The second route is to matriculate into the regular BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences programme, and enter the minor programme afterwards. MAS students wishing to take the second route should read the following course during their first year of study:

Students must receive a minimum of B+ in the course to be eligible for admission into the Minor in Finance programme. At the end of the first year of study, the division will shortlist and invite eligible students to apply.

REQUIREMENTS For the minor

Refer to the following link for the detailed criteria:
Students will be required to take a total of 15 AUs, consisting of two compulsory courses and two elective courses:

(*) For MAS students who have successfully enrolled in the Minor in Finance programme and received a minimum of B+ in BU8201 (Business Finance), please send a waiver request of the Prerequisite (AB102/AB1201) for BF2201 (Investments) via email to spmsundgrad@ntu.edu.sg.