Introduction to Physics Research

Established in 2005, the Division of Physics and Applied Physics has grown to become a world-class centre for research and education in physics, with over 30 faculty members, 100+ research and supporting staff, 100+ graduate students, and 400+ undergraduate students.
We have a young and dynamic group of faculty members who are leading experts in their research fields. We are particularly strong in four areas of research: (i) Photonics, (ii) Quantum Information, (iii) Condensed Matter Physics, and (iv) Soft Condensed Matter, Fluid and Biological Physics. We have been highly successful in attracting competitive research funding, which has allowed us to establish numberous state-of-the-art laboratories and ambitious research programmes.
  • Our faculty members have won numerous prestigious awards for teaching and research. Important discoveries have been made by the division, yielding many exciting world firsts, from realising optical cooling in semiconductors to the creation of an invisibility cloak. We have published highly cited papers in influential scientific journals including Science, Nature, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, and others.