At the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), we aim to educate a new generation of graduates who are intellectually curious, and passionate about exploring the frontiers of knowledge. Our students receive rigorous training in their respective disciplines of mathematics, physics, or chemistry, while also gaining a broad education in scientific principles and generally-applicable quantitative skills, making them suitable for a wide range of careers.

Our 4-year undergraduate programmes lead to the award of a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) (Hons) degree. High-achieving students may opt to pursue a Second Major or Double Major programme, or pursue an accelerated course of study to graduate before 4 years.

Talented students are encouraged to participate in research, which imparts a wide range of skills including data handling, computer programming, project planning, giving presentations, and technical writing. Research opportunities are available as early as the first year of study, and final year students have the opportunity to undertake a final year project culminating in a research thesis.

Students interested in the workplace experience can participate in internship or attachment programmes supported by NTU's Career & Attachment Office, or the SPMS Co-operative Education Programme.