Transition & Orientation

The Transition and Orientation Program @ NTU (TOP@NTU) aims to provide freshmen with a variety of resources for starting their university education, including orientation activities, mentoring and advising, and more.

Freshman Orientation​ Programs


SPMS has an official orientation program, organized by the school administrators, and two student-led orientation programs. All freshmen should attend the official orientation program, which includes information about how to register for classes, collect the matriculation card, etc.

The student-led orientation programs are:

  • SPMS O’Week: This program has a shorter schedule, and focuses on orientation within the school campus. Freshmen are grouped according to their division (CBC/MAS/PAP). To join in the activities or to join the working committee, please email spmsclub-oweek@e.ntu.edu.sg.
  • SuPreMeS: This program has a longer schedule. Freshmen are grouped across divisions, and activities are more physically challenging and intense. Some orientation activities may take place outside of NTU, around Singapore. Students are also expected to stay overnight. To join in the activities or to join the working committee, please email spmsclub-orientation@e.ntu.edu.sg.

Academic Mentoring

Each incoming freshman is assigned a faculty member as an academic mentor, who can provide useful advice and information about academic life. Click here for more information.

SPMS Buddies

The SPMS Buddies Program is part of SPMS O’Week. Buddies are student volunteers who help orientate the freshmen, and guide them through various tasks during the first year of university, e.g. finding tutorial rooms and lecture theatres, which canteens to visit for good food, how to print lecture notes, how to borrow library books, how to find past-year examination papers, etc. On the academic front, buddies also provide useful advice, such as which courses are suitable to take, how to register for courses, how to fight the Star Wars during add drop period, etc.

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Volunteer to be an SPMS Buddy

Want to make a difference in somebody else’s life? Join SPMS Buddies and make a difference in the freshmen’s lives! The SPMS Buddies program is a peer mentoring program for incoming freshmen, and forms an important part of the freshmen orientation program.

As a buddy, your job will be to aid the freshmen in adjusting smoothly to university life by providing information and social support, and providing advice about the campus, school work, and more. Each SPMS Buddy will be assigned to a group of freshmen during the first semester of the academic year. (The number of freshmen in the group will depend on the number of suitable SPMS Buddies available.)

Please note the following:

  • Each SPMS Buddy will be part of the SPMS O'Week committee, and is obliged to attend meetings and trainings according to the committee’s schedule. Please check with the SPMS O’Week committee for details.
  • Each SPMS Buddy needs to be present during the SPMS Freshmen Orientation, on Week 0 of the new academic year.
  • Each SPMS Buddy needs to be in NTU during semester 1 of the academic year (i.e., not on attachment, overseas exchange programme, etc.).
  • There will be no renumeration for SPMS Buddies, but they do receive ECA points.

In addition, the SPMS O'Week committee is looking for students to help plan and execute the SPMS O'Week activities. If you are interested, please contact us!

For enquiries, please email spms-sw@ntu.edu.sg or spmsclub-oweek@e.ntu.edu.sg.