Grant Calls

Grant Calls​ ​Deadline to SPMS/Chair's Office
LUX Photonics Consortium Industry-IHL Collaboration Seed Grant Indicative Interest: 30 November 2017, Noon
Application: 15 January 2018, Noon, Noon
Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative (TB-ELI) 6th Grant Call on Data & Technology (Enriching Social Life and Expanding Work Opportunities) Application: 13 December 2017, Noon
8th Singapore Millennium Foundation Indicative Interest: 29 November 2017, Noon
Application: 8 December 2017, Noon
National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Nov 17 grant call Indicative Interest: 5 November 2017
Application: 20 November 2017, Noon
MSF Social and Family Research Fund (10th Call) Application: 17 November 2017
Singapore Infectious Diseases Initiative (SIDI) Bridging Grant call 2017 Application: 27 October 2017, Noon
FNR and NRF Joint Grant Call Indicative Interest: 13 October 2017, Noon
Application: 17 October 2017, Noon