CBC Safety


CBC Safety

Laboratory Safety

All staff/students should have attended a laboratory safety training course (by Office of Health and Safety and/or the Division) before commencing work in the laboratory. All staff/students should also be familiar with the safety requirements while working in the lab. For more information, please download the Laboratory Safety Requirements Guide and the Safety Orientation slides (conducted by the Division).
Any staff or students who are caught in violation of safety rules in CBC will be penalized according to the penalty policy below:
No. of Offences
Ban from instrument usage for 1 week
Ban from instrument usage for 2 weeks
Offender and Supervisor(s) to stand before the Safety Committee + Ban from instrument usage for 3 weeks


All offenders will be published together with the names of supervisors.

You are encouraged to consult Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards for information about hazardous chemicals. This is an e-book in the NTU library and a login may be required.

Standard Operation Procedures & Guidelines

Jones Reagent
(to see how violent the reaction between CrO3 and an alcohol can be, click here.)
Guideline on Safe Transportation of Chemicals
(The same rules apply to the transportation of waste, PPE and secondary containment are required.)

Additional Safety Information 

The following datasheets from Sigma are useful for those handling pyrophoric materials.

More Information

Please refer to more information at SPMS Safety webpage.
For more queries on safety matters, please contact Assoc Prof So Cheuk Wai .