Over the last twenty years photonics has played a vital role in creating the world as we know it, with enormous social and economic impacts globally. It is no longer possible to imagine modern society without fibre core telecommunication networks and broadband internet, high quality displays and compact semiconductor lasers found in any data storage device or quality printer, precision laser-assisted manufacturing and lasers in medicine.

The Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies (CDPT) aspires to be a world-leading player in developing the next stage of the photonic revolution by mobilising the resources and interdisciplinary expertise available at NTU and with our collaboration partners in Singapore, Europe, USA, Australia and Far East, to create a world-leading research activity on disruptive photonic technologies.

By advancing the physics of control, guiding and amplification of light in nanostructures and by developing new nanofabrication techniques and methods of growth, hybridisation and integration into the waveguide and fiber environment of different novel material structures, we aim to develop ground-breaking solutions allowing ultra-high-density integration, lowest possible energy levels and the highest speeds of optical switching and data processing, light harvesting and distribution, the for telecoms, energy, light generation, imaging, lithography, data storage, sensing, medicine, security and defence applications.​​