Research Papers


  1. Stacking-Dependent Interlayer Coupling in Trilayer MoS2 with Broken Inversion Symmetry 
    J. Yan, J. Xia, X. Wang, L. Liu, J.-L. Kuo, B.K. Tay, S. Chen, W. Zhou, Z. Liu, Z.X. Shen
    Nano Letters, 15, 8155 (2015)
  2. Probing Vertical and Horizontal Plasmonic Resonant States in the Photoluminescence of Gold Nanodisks 
    L. Jiang, T. Yin, Z. Dong, H. Hu, M. Liao, D. Allioux, S.J. Tan, X.M. Goh, X. Li, J.K.W. Yang, Z. Shen
    ACS Photonics2, 1217 (2015)
  3. Multicolor Lasing Prints 
    V. D. Ta, S. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, T. C. He, R. Chen, H. V. Demir, and H. D. Sun
    Applied Physics Letters107, 221103 (2015)
  4. Nano-optomechanical nonlinear dielectric metamaterialses
    A. Karvounis, J. Y. Ou, W. Wu, K. F. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters107, 191110 (2015)
  5. A Flat lens with tunable phase gradient by using random access reconfigurable metamaterial 
    W. M. Zhu, Q. H. Song, L. B. Yan, W. Zhang, P. C. Wu, L. K. Chin, H. Cai, D. P. Tsai, Z. X. Shen, T. W. Deng, S. K. Ting, Y. D. Gu, G. Q. Lo, D. L. Kwong, Z. C. Yang, R. Huang, A. Q. Liu, and N. I. Zheludev
    Advanced Materials, 27, 4739 (2015)
  6. Optically switchable photonic metasurfaces
    R. F. Waters, P. A. Hobson, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 81102 (2015)
  7. Amplification of the Evanescent Field of Free Electrons
    J. K. So, F. J. Garcia de Abajo, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    ACS Photonics, 2, 1236 (2015)
  8. Plasmon coupling in vertical split-ring resonator metamolecules
    P. C. Wu, W.-L. Hsu, W. T. Chen, Y.-W. Huang, C. Y. Liao, A. Q. Liu, N. I. Zheludev, G. Sun and D. P. Tsai
    Scientific Report, 5, 9726 (2015)
  9. Tachyonic dispersion in coherent networks
    Y. D. Chong and M. C. Rechtsman
    Journal of Optics, 18, 14001 (2015)
  10. Complementary structure for designer localized surface plasmons
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 191103 (2015)
  11. Active Thermal Cloak
    D. M. Nguyen, H. Xu, Y. Zhang, and B. Zhang 
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 121901 (2015)
  12. Accurate modeling of dark-field scattering spectra of plasmonic nanostructures
    L.Y. Jiang, T.T. Yin, Z.G. Dong, M.Y. Liao, S.J. Tan, X.M. Goh, D. Allioux, H.L. Hu, X.Y. Li, J. K. W. Yang, and Z.X. Shen
    ACS Nano, 9, 10039 (2015)
  13. Collective coherence in nearest neighbor coupled metamaterials: A metasurface ruler equation
    N. Xu, R. Singh, W. Zhang
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 163102 (2015)
  14. Anomalous Surface Wave Launching by Handedness Phase Control
    X. Zhang, Y. Xu, W. Yue, Z. Tian, J. Gu, Y. Li, R. Singh, S. Zhang, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Advanced Materials27, 7123 (2015)
  15. A Tunable Dispersion-Free Terahertz Metadevice with Pancharatnam-Berry-Phase-Enabled Modulation and Polarization Control
    L. Cong, N. Xu, J. Han, W. Zhang, R. Singh
    Advanced Materials27, 6630 (2015)
  16. Terahertz metasurfaces with a high refractive index enhanced by the strong nearest neighbor coupling
    S. Tan, F. Yan, L. Singh, W. Cao, N. Xu, X. Hu, R. Singh, M. Wang, W. Zhang
    Optics Express23, 29222 (2015)
  17. Coherent Optical control of polarization with a critical metasurface
    M. Kang, Y. D. Chong
    Physical Review A92, 43826 (2015)
  18. Controlled Synthesis of High-Quality Mono layered alpha-In2Se3 via Physical Vapor Deposition
    J. Zhou, Q. Zeng, D. Lv, L. Sun, L. Niu, W. Fu, F. Liu, Z. X. Shen, C. Jin, Z. Liu
    Nano Letters15, 6400 (2015)
  19. Van der Waals p-n Junction Based on an Organic-Inorganic Heterostructure
    F. Liu, W. L. Chow, X. He, P. Hu,S. Zheng, X. Wang, J. Zhou, Q. Fu, W. Fu, P. Yu, Q. Zeng, H. J. Fan, B. K. Tay ,C. Kloc, Z. Liu
    Advanced Functional Materials25, 5865 (2015)
  20. Ultrafast Electron and Hole Relaxation Pathways in Few-Layer MoS2
    Z. Nie, R. Long, J. S. Teguh, C.-C. Huang, D. W. Hewak, E. K. L. Yeow, Z. X. Shen, O. V. Prezhdo, Z.-H. Loh
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C119, 20698 (2015)
  21. Multispectral terahertz sensing with highly flexible ultrathin metamaterial absorber
    R. Yahiaoui, S. Tan, L. Cong, R. Singh, F. Yan, W. Zhang
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 83103 (2015)
  22. A Switchable Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Perfect Absorber with Multispectral Thermal Imaging Capability
    A. Tittl, A.-K. U. Michel, M. Schaeferling, X. Yin, B. Gholipour, L. Cui, M. Wuttig, T. Taubner, F. Neubrech, H. Giessen
    Advanced Materials27, 4597 (2015)
  23. Caustic graphene plasmons with Kelvin angle
    X. Shi, X. Lin, F. Gao, H. Xu, Z. Yang, B. Zhang
    Physical Review B92, 81404 (2015)
  24. Manipulating Optical Properties of ZnO/Ga:ZnO Core-Shell Nanorods Via Spatially Tailoring Electronic Bandgap
    X. Zhao, Y. Gao, Y. Wang, H. V. Demir, S. Wang, H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 1066 (2015)
  25. Dual control of active graphene-silicon hybrid metamaterial devices
    Q. Li, Z. Tian, X. Zhang, N. Xu, R. Singh, J. Gu, P. Lv, L.-B. Luo, S. Zhang, J. Han, W. Zhang
    CARBON90, 146 (2015)
  26. Experimental demonstration of high-order magnetic localized spoof surface plasmons
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, X. Shi, Z. Yang, B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters107, 41118 (2015)
  27. Resonance tuning due to Coulomb interaction in strong near-field coupled metaMaterials
    D. R. Chowdhury, N.Xu, W. Zhang, R. Singh
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 23104 (2015)
  28. Dynamic mode coupling in terahertz metaMaterials
    X. Su, C. Ouyang, N. Xu, S. Tan, J. Gu, Z. Tian, R. Singh, S. Zhang, F. Yan, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Scientific Reports5, 10823 (2015)
  29. Raman analysis of gold on WSe2 single crystal film
    B. Mukherjee, W. S. Leong, Y. Li, H. Gong, L. Sun, Z. X. Shen, E. Simsek, J. T. L. Thong
    Materials Research Express2, 65009 (2015)
  30. Electromagnetically induced absorption in a three-resonator metasurface system
    X. Zhang, N. Xu, K. Qu, Z.Tian, R. Singh, J. Han, G. S. Agarwal, W. Zhang
    Scientific Reports5, 10737 (2015)
  31. Mode-matching metasurfaces: coherent reconstruction and multiplexing of surface waves
    J. Lin, Q. Wang, G. Yuan, L. Du, S. S. Kou, X.-C. Yuan
    Scientific Reports5, 10529 (2015)
  32. Stable and Low-Threshold Optical Gain in CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots: An All-Colloidal Frequency Up-Converted Laser
    B. Guzelturk, Y. Kelestemur, K. Gungor, A. Yeltik, M. Z. Akgul, Y. Wang, R. Chen, C. Dang, H. D. Sun, H. V. Demir
    Advanced Materials27, 2741 (2015)
  33. Active graphene-silicon hybrid diode for terahertz waves
    Q. Li, Z. Tian, X. Zhang, R. Singh, L. Du, J. Gu, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Nature Communications6, 7082 (2015)
  34. Quaternary Alloy Quantum Dots: Toward Low-Threshold Stimulated Emission and All-Solution-Processed Lasers in the Green Region
    Y. Wang, S. Yang, H. Yang, H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 652 (2015)
  35. Hybrid III-V/silicon Laser with laterally coupled Bragg grating
    Y.-L Cao, X.-N. Hu, X. S. Luo, J.-F. Song, Y. Cheng, C.M. Li, C.-Y. Liu, H. Wang, T.Y. Liow G.Q. Lo, Q. J. Wang
    Optics Express23, 8809 (2015)
  36. Optimization of Hybrid Silicon Lasers for High-Speed Direct Modulation
    Y. L. Cao, X. N. Hu, Y. B. Cheng, H. Wang, Q. J. Wang
    IEEE Photonics Journal7, 1501013 (2015)
  37. Dielectric MetaMaterials with Toroidal Dipolar Response
    A. A. Basharin, M. Kafesaki, E. N. Economou, C. M. Soukoulis, V. A. Fedotov, V. Savinov, N. I. Zheludev
    Physical Review X5, 11036 (2015)
  38. Full Bandwidth Measurement of Supercontinuum Spectral Phase Coherence in Long Pulse Regime
    D. Yang, D. M. Nguyen, C. Soci, Q. D. Xuan, M. Tang, P.P. Shum
    Fiber and Integrated Optics34, 66 (2015)
  39. Engineering the fano resonance and electromagnetically induced transparency in near-field coupled bright and dark metamaterial
    S. Han, R. Singh, L. Cong, H. Yang
    Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics48, 35104 (2015)
  40. Blue Liquid Lasers from Solution of CdZnS/ZnS Ternary Alloy Quantum Dots with Quasi-Continuous Pumping
    Y. Wang, K. S. Leck, T. Van Duong, R. Chen, V. Nalla, Y. Gao, T. He, H. V. Demir, H. D. Sun
    Advanced Materials27, 169 (2015)
  41. Near-field Optical control of doughnut-shaped Nanostructures
    A. M. Dubrovkin, R. Barille, E. Ortyl, S. Zielinska
    Optics Communications334, 147 (2015)
  42. Obtaining optical properties on demand
    N. I. Zheludev
    Science348, 973 (2015)
  43. Fano Resonances in Terahertz Metasurfaces: A Figure of Merit Optimization
    L. Cong, M. Manjappa, N. Xu, I. Al-Naib, W. Zhang and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 1537 (2015)
  44. Facile synthesis of a furan-arylamine hole transporting material for high efficiency mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
    A. Krishna, D. Sabba, J. Yin, A. Bruno, P.P. Boix, Y. Gao, H.A. Dewi, G.G. Gurzadyan, C. Soci, S.G. Mhaisalkar, A.C. Grimsdale
    Chemistry - A European Journal21, 15113 (2015)
  45. Plasmon-polaron coupling in conjugated polymer on infrared nanoantennas
    Z. Wang, J. Zhao, B. Frank, Q. Ran, G. Adamo, H. Giessen, C. Soci
    Nano Letters15, 5382 (2015)
  46. Coherent perfect absorption in deeply subwavelength films in the single-photon regime
    T. Roger, S. Vezzoli, E. Bolduc, J. P. Valente, J. J. F. Heitz, J. Jeffers, C. Soci, J. Leach, C. Couteau, N. I. Zheludev, and D. Faccio
    Nature Communications6, 7031 (2015)
  47. Lead iodide perovskite light-emitting field-effect transistor
    X.Y. Chin, D. Cortecchia, J. Yin, A. Bruno, C. Soci
    Nature Communications6, 7683 (2015)
  48. Dichroic spin-valley photocurrent in monolayer molybdenum disulphide
    M. Eginligil, B.C. Cao, Z. Wang, X. Shen, C. Cong, J. Shang, C. Soci, T. Yu
    Nature Communications6, 7636 (2015)
  49. Wavevector selective metasurfaces and tunnel vision filters
    V. A. Fedotov, J. Wallauer, M. Walther, M. Perino, N. Papasimakis, N. I. Zheludev
    Light: Science & Applications4, E306 (2015)
  50. Significantly different mechanical properties and interfacial structures of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) films prepared from metallic and sulfur-contained precursors
    X. S. Yin, T. J. Huang, C. H. Tang, M. Du, L. F. Sun, Z. X. Shen, H. Gong
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells134, 389 (2015)
  51. Bandgap-Opened Bilayer Graphene Approached by Asymmetrical Intercalation of Trilayer Graphene
    D. Zhan, J. X. Yan, Z. H. Ni, L. Sun, L. F. Lai, L. Liu, X. Y. Liu, Z. X. Shen
    Small11, 1177 (2015)
  52. Photocurrent generation in lateral graphene p-n junction created by electron-beam irradiation
    X. C. Yu, Y. Shen, T. Liu and Q. J. Wang
    Scientific Reports5, 12014 (2015)
  53. Surface magneto plasmons and their applications in the infrared frequencies
    B. Hu, Y. Zhang, and Q. J. Wang
    Nanophotonics4, 2192 (2015)
  54. Broadly tunable single-mode mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
    B. Meng and Q. J. Wang
    Journal of Optics17, 023001 (2015)
  55. Chiral mirrors
    E. Plum and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters106, 221901 (2015)
  56. Electrically controlled nanostructured metasurface loaded with liquid crystal: toward multifunctional photonic switch
    O. Buchnev , N. Podoliak , M. Kaczmarek , N. I. Zheludev, and V. A. Fedotov
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 674 (2015)
  57. Coupling and Interlayer Exciton in Twist-Stacked WS2 Bilayers
    S. Zheng, L. Sun, X. Zhou, F. Liu, Z. Liu, Z. X. Shen, H. J. Fan
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 1600 (2015)
  58. Advance and Prospective of Whispering Gallery Mode Microcavities
    S. Yang, Y. Wang and H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials, 9, 1136-1162 (2015)
  59. Three Photon-Excited Luminescence from Unsymmetrical Cyanostilbene Aggregates: Morphology Tuning and Targeted Bioimaging
    A. K. Mandal, S. Sreejith, T. He, S. K. Maji, X.-J. Wang, S. L. Ong, J. J., H. D. Sun, and Y. Zhao
    ACS Nano9, 4796 (2015)
  60. Effect of Zn(O,S) buffer layer thickness on charge carrier relaxation dynamics of CuInSe2 solar cell
    J. Sun, V. Nalla, M. Nguyen, Y. Ren, S. Y. Chiam, Y. Wang, K. F. Tai, H. D. Sun, N. I. Zheludev, S. K. Batabyal, Lydia H. Wong
    Solar Energy115, 396 (2015)
  61. Superior optical nonlinearity of an exceptional fluorescent stilbene dye
    T. C. He. S. Sreejith, Y. Gao, A. C. Grimsdale, Y. Zhao, X. Lin, H. D. Sun
    Applied Physics Letters106, 111904, (2015)
  62. Nanowire lasers
    C. Couteau, A. Larrue, C. Wilhelm, C. Soci
    Nanophotonics4, 90 (2015)
  63. Phase-preserved macroscopic visible-light carpet cloaking beyond two dimensions
    C.-W. Chu, X. Zhai, C. J. Lee, P.-H. Wang, Y. Duan, D. P. Tsai, B. Zhang, and Y. Luo
    Laser & Photonics Reviews4, 399 (2015)
  64. Vertical Transport of Subwavelength Localized Surface Electromagnetic Modes
    F. Gao, Z. Gao, Y. Zhang, X. Shi, Z. Yang, and B. Zhang
    Laser & Photonics Reviews, 5, 571-576​ (2015)
  65. Broadband surface-wave transformation cloak
    S. Xu, H. Xu, H. Gao, Y. Jiang, F. Yu, J. D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljacic, H. Chen, H. D. Sun, and B. Zhang
    PNAS112, 7635 (2015)
  66. Electromagnetic Detection of a Perfect Carpet Cloak
    X. Shi, F. Gao, X. Lin, and B. Zhang
    Scientific Reports5, 10401 (2015)
  67. Design, implementation, and extension of thermal invisibility cloaks
    Y. Zhang, H. Xu, and B. Zhang
    AIP Advances5, 053402 (2015)
  68. A magneto-electro-optical effect in a plasmonic nanowire material
    J. Valente, J. Y. Ou, E. Plum, I. J. Youngs, and N. I. Zheludev
    Nature Communications6, 7021 (2015)
  69. Controlling light with light using coherent metadevices: all-optical transistor, summator and invertor
    X. Fang, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Light:Science & Applications4, e292 (2015)
  70. The reduction of surface plasmon losses in quasi-suspended graphene
    A. M. Dubrovkin, J. Tao, X. C. Yu, N. I. Zheludev, and Q. J. Wang
    Scientific Reports5, 09837 (2015)
  71. Coherent control of optical polarization effects in metamaterials
    S. A. Mousavi, E. Plum, J. Shi, and N. I. Zheludev
    Scientific Reports5, 8977 (2015)
  72. Giant optical forces in planar dielectric photonic metamaterials
    J. Zhang, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Letters39, 4883 (2015)
  73. Upconversion Nanoparticles as a Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Imaging in Live Mice
    S. K. Maji, S. Sreejith, J. J., M. Lin, T. He, Y. Tong, H. D. Sun, S. W.-K. Yu and Y. Zhao
    Advanced Materials26, 5633 (2015)
  74. Polarization Control in Terahertz Metasurfaces with the Lowest Order Rotational Symmetry
    L. Cong, N. Xu, W. Zhang, and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 9, 1176-1183 (2015)
  75. Tailoring the slow light behavior in terahertz metasurfaces
    M. Manjappa, S. Chiam, L. Cong, A. A. Bettiol, W. Zhang, and R. Singh
    Applied Physics Letters106, 181101 (2015)
  76. Polymer Distributed Bragg Reflectors for Vapor Sensing
    P. Lova, G. Manfredi, L. Boarino, A. Comite, M. Laus, M. Patrini, F. Marabelli, C. Soci, D. Comoretto
    ACS Photonics2, 537–543 (2015)
  77. Topological Acoustics
    Z. Yang, F. Gao, X. Shi, X. Lin, Z. Gao, Y. Chong, and B. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters114, 114301 (2015)