Dr. Anton Vetlugin


Phone: +65 65923570​ (lab); +65 65923568 (office)​​​​

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Quantum nanophotonics on the optical fibre platform 

Short CV:

Dr. Anton Vetlugin started his study in St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation where he received his Masters degree in Laser systems engineering in 2010. Afterward, he moved to fundamental physics, joining St. Petersburg State University to make a theoretical research in the field of Quantum optics and Quantum Information. His PhD thesis was about parallel quantum memory for spatially multimodal non-classical light. He then held a two month trainee job at The Danish Center for Quantum Optics in Prof. Eugene Polzik's group. Currently Dr. Anton Vetlugin works at the Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies at SPMS, NTU. He is trying to create a toolkit where the ideas of Quantum optics and Nanophonics are combined.​