Dr. Disheng Chen



Phone:​ +65 69083459 (office)​​​​​


Spin-photon entanglement with nanoscale quantum emitters in wide bandgap semiconductors 

Short CV:

Dr. Disheng Chen received his PhD degree in Physics from West Virginia University, USA in 2017, and was appointed as a postdoc in IFW, Dresden, Germany for one year before joining Dr. Weibo Gao's Quantum Photonics Group at the Centre for Disruptive Photonics Technologies (CDPT), NTU.

His research focuses on semiconductor-based nanoscale quantum emitters for applications in quantum information sciences. Specifically, he experised in characterization of novel single-photon emitters in wide-bandgap material, investigation of spin dephasing mechanism in central spin problem, and light-matter interaction in nanostructures. His current project involves spin-photon entanglement by using emergent Silicon-vacancy or Germanium-vacancy color centers in diamond.