Central Facilities

X-ray Facilities

The X-ray Facilities provide routine structural characterization of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds. Our services include crystal inspection and selection, unit cell determination, data collection at low temperature (103K), data processing, structure solution, and structure refinement. We also provide access to the Cambridge Structure Database (CSD).

Contact Information

Dr LI Yongxin
Phone: (65) 6316 8843
Email: yongxin@ntu.edu.sg

Sample Submission

To submit samples, leave the sample vial together with the signed request form on the desk outside the X-ray lab. After data collection, the samples can be found on the desk outside the X-ray lab. Uncollected samples will be discarded after 15 days.

Samples should be single crystals. Generally, single crystals of organic compounds are translucent and have a fairly well-defined shape (e.g., cubes, prisms, plates, or needles). Samples should be placed in a clean, dry, and permanently labeled vial. For unstable crystals which lose solvent molecules and become opaque, keep the crystals in the solvent in which they were grown. Please also read this useful link: Growing Crystals That Will Make Your Crystallographer Happy

CIF files will only be provided during the submission of the paper involving the samples in question.


The X-ray Facilities are equipped with two state of the art single-crystal diffractometers for single crystal diffraction studies, with two polarizing microscopes, one of which is coupled with a digital camera to take pictures of the crystals.

Bruker X8 CCD Diffractometer
Bruker Kappa CCD Diffractometer