Nanyang-SNIC Distinguished Lectureship Series

The Nanyang-SNIC Distinguished Chemistry Lectureship series was established in 2019. It brings the most influential chemists around the world for a short stay in NTU. Each recipient will present one or more seminars on their esteemed academic career, with the goal of stimulating an exchange of ideas, encouraging scientific interactions, and providing a launching pad for future research collaborations.

2020 Lectures

​​Date Infor​mation​
​6 Feburary 2020 ​Mitochondr​ial Metabo​lit​e Signalling in Health and Disease by Professor Mike Murphy​​​
13 January 2020 Dynamic Mole​cular System by Professor Ben Feringa​​​

2019 Lectures

​​Date Infor​mation​
​25 September 2019 Chemical Design of Nanoplasmonic Sensors by Professor Luis Liz-Marzan​​ 
​8 May 2019 ​A Future for Unconventional Carbon Nanostructures​​​ by Professor Feng Xinliang​
​25 February 2019 Interfacing Nature's Catalytic Machinery with Synthetic Materials for Semi-artifical Photosythesis​ by Professor Erwin Reisner​​​
​​16 January 2019 Conversion of Oxygenated C1 Feedstocks to C2 Products: Mechanism and Electrochemistry with Molecular and Hetergeneous Systems by Professor Theodor Agapie​