Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Message from the Head

Ling Xing Yi

Greetings from the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry at SPMS!

Our Division is one of the most rapidly growing chemistry departments in the region. Since our founding in 2005, we have grown from zero to a department with over 40 faculty members, 200 PhD students, 100 postdocs and research staff, and about 1,000 undergraduates today.

We offer a direct BSc Honours programme, and a rigorous PhD research programme in various areas of chemistry. Our undergraduate program is research-led and satisfies the American Chemical Society (ACS) curricular guidelines for a rigorous professional education in chemistry. Many of our undergraduates participate in research project work with one-to-one supervision by our professors, right from year one of their undergraduate study and through to the final year research project. Another strength of our program is the option of a semester of internship at a company in Singapore or abroad, which about half the students in each cohort take up. Students can also spend a semester or two on the study abroad program at top institutions, sometimes doing research projects, and more than 85 students have done so since 2007.

Research in our Division covers a wide spectrum of chemistry, but generally falls within the following areas: Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Inorganic Chemistry & Organometallics, Nanomaterials & Materials Chemistry, Organic Chemistry & Synthesis, and Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics. Our brand new chemistry complex, modeled after the new University of Oxford chemistry building, provides a safe and modern environment for teaching and research and has already been recognized as one of the best chemistry buildings in the world. We have many state-of-the-art instruments for research, including seven high field NMR spectrometers, a range of mass spectrometers, an ESR spectrometer, confocal microscope, TEM, two SCD X-ray, and a range of HPLCs and GCs. All the instruments are open for the use by undergraduates and graduate students. We foster collaboration with industry as well as institutions and research centers from all over the world.

Come and enroll with us for your undergraduate or graduate studies! For academics, we welcome you to visit us and give seminars or colloquia to share the excitement and new developments in chemistry and biological chemistry.

Signature of Ling Xing Yi 

Associate Professor LING Xing Yi
Head, Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences