Seminars and Events


Past Seminars and Events

14 Dec -11
Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Graphene Cathode by Prof Ladislav Kavan
13 Dec -11
It Takes Alkynes to Make a World by Prof Michael M. Haley
09 Dec -11
Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy by Prof Richard Mathies
08 Dec -11
Highly Efficient Palladium-Catalyzed Cyanation of Aryl Mesylates, Tosylates, Chlorides and Direct Arylation of Cyanoacetates: Synthesis of Benzonitrile Derivatives by Prof Kwong Fuk-Yee
07 Dec -11
Carbenes, Carbones and Group-13 and Group-15 Homologues by Prof Gernot Frenking
07 Dec -11
Control of axial chirality by Suzuki and aryne coupling by Prof Francoise Colobert
05 Dec -11
Tuning the activity of platinum(IV) complexes as anticancer prodrugs by Dr Ang Wee Han
01 Dec -11
Phosphorus Cations as Synthetic Targets - From Fundamentals to Application by Dr Jan J Weigand
30 Nov -11
Managing Charge Transfer in a Core-Shell Hybrid for Artificial Photosynthetic Systems by Dr Soo Han Sen
30 Nov -11
Conjugated Polymer as a New Platform for Sensing and Imaging Applications by Dr Liu Bin
29 Nov -11
Geminal Disubstitution and Olefination of Imines by Prof Tian Shi-Kai
23 Nov -11
Metal-Organic Frameworks and Metal-Organic Polyhedra: Preparation and Application
22 Nov -11
Development of New Materials Powered by Organic Synthesis by Prof Shigeru Yamago
17 Nov -11
Preparation of optically active aza-Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts and their use of heterocyclic synthesis by Prof Akio Kamimura
17 Nov -11
New Dimensions of Acid and Base Catalysis by Prof Shu Kobayashi
16 Nov -11
Sub-10-nm Plasmonics by Dr Joel Yang Kwang Wei
11 Nov -11
Isotope effect as a new weapon against oxidative stress by Dr Mikhail Shchepinov
03 Nov -11
Biocompatible Nanoparticles as Cancer Imaging Probes and Drug/Gene as Delivery Vehicles by Prof Shawn Chen
21 Oct -11
Bioorganometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structures, Molecular Recognition, Biocatalysis Studies, and Organometallic Pharmaceuticals by Dr Richard H Fish
14 Oct -11
NS2B/3 Serine Protease Inhibitors: Discovery and Design by Prof Rahman Noorsaadah
12 Oct -11
Structural Study-Guided Development of Novel and Practical Chiral Catalysts by Prof Li Deng
07 Oct -11
Asymmetric Reactions with Cooperative and Multifunctional Catalysis by Prof Li Deng
05 Oct -11
The Emergence of Cinchona Alkaloids as Privilege Organic Catalysts by Prof Li Deng
27 Sep -11
Structure and fragment based design of small molecule chemical probes of protein interfaces that read posttranslational modifications by Dr Alessio Ciulli
26 Sep -11
NTU-Cambridge Chemistry Workshop
23 Sep -11
Optical Properties of Noble Metal Nanocrystals by Mr Lee Yih Hong
12 Sep -11
Challenges in Modeling Water: from Clusters, Interfaces to Bulk by Dr. Kuo Jer-Lai
09 Sep -11
Syntheses of O- and S-linked Oligo-sialic Acids by Prof Chun-Cheng Lin
07 Sep -11
Chemical and Biological Diversity: New Approaches to Synthesising Bioactive Small Molecules by Prof Adam Nelson
07 Sep -11
Chemistry-based protein modification in test tube and in live cell by Professor Itaru Hamachi
06 Sep -11
New Reactions and the Secrets of their Success by Prof Jeffrey Bode
01 Sep -11
Behind the curtains: A snapshot of our research activities in DSO by Dr. Tan Boon Huan
26 Aug -11
Sensing dissolved oxygen with microelectrodes: from steady state to transient conditions by Professor Guy Denuault
26 Aug -11
Diastereoconvergent Formal Nucleophilic Substitution of Bromocyclopropanes en-route to Cyclopropanol and Cyclopropylamine Derivatives by Professor Michael Rubin
22 Aug -11
Isolated-FAMSD system consisting of modeling of oligomer proteins and ligand based drug design in the receptor by Professor Hideaki Umeyama
10 Aug -11
New Approaches to Molecular Imaging Using Nonlinear Optics: Transforming Diagnosis with Chemical Information by Professor Warren S Warren
10 Aug -11
Small Molecule Tools for Cell Biology and Cell Therapy by Professor Motonari Uesugi
04 Aug -11
Enantiodivergent synthesis of P-chirogenic organophosphorus compounds: from chiral ligands, to clustersand coordination polymers by Professor Sylvain Juge
29 Jul -11
Pyrrolidinyl peptide nucleic acid with α/β-peptide backbone: Synthesis, Properties and Applications by Associate Professor Tirayut Vilaivan
20 Jul -11
Novel Bromination Reactions in Organic Synthesis by Asst. Professor Yeung Ying Yeung
18 Jul -11
Creation of New Medicines: How The Medicinal Chemist Can Transform Lives with Good Science, Teamwork and Small Resources by Dr. Brian Dymock
13 Jul -11
Quantum Chemical Modeling of Co-C Bond Activation in B12 -Dependent Enzymes by Professor Pawel M. Kozlowski
06 Jul -11
Green Tea Polyphenols: Structure Modification and Applications in Food and Natural Health Products by Dr. Ying Joy Zhong
29 Jun -11
Molecular Group 2 Metal(I) Complexes: From Chemical Landmarks to Versatile Reagents by Professor Cameron Jones
23 Jun -11
Understanding Energy Transfer in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson Complex by Miss Gitt Panitchayangkoon
22 Jun -11
Design and Syntheses of Cluster Molecules for Catalytic Reactions by Asst. Professor Kohei Endo
22 Jun -11
Development of Novel and Efficient Transformations to Construct Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Using Group 7 Transiton Metal Catalysts by Asst. Professor Yoichiro Kuninobu
30 May -11
Recovering Proteins from Cereal Grains by Dr Ilankovan Paraman
25 May -11
Unprecedented 3D Molecular Architectures: Folding into Shape by Asst. Professor Hee-Seung Lee
20 May -11
The Science of Food by Dr. Allan Lim
28 Apr -11
Navigating the Potential Energy Surface of Liquid Water by Dr. Richard Henchman
20 Apr -11
Asymmetric Reactions Catalyzed by Lewis Basic Amines, by Professor Chen Ying-Chun
19 Apr -11
Understanding and Optimizing the Electrochemical Evolution of Oxygen on Metal Oxide Surfaces by Dr. Yeo Boon Siang Jason
13 Apr -11
Modular Functionalization of Ribonucleopeptide Assemblies by Professor Takashi Morii
12 Apr -11
Self-Assembly of Zein into Nanoscale Soft Structures by Dr Yi Wang
11 Apr -11
The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030 by Rob Gardner
01 Apr -11
Recent Progress in Catalyzed Addition Reactions of H-P(O) Compounds to Alkynes by Professor Masato Tanaka
30 Mar -11
Calculating, Modeling & Analyzing Molecular Vibrational Motion in Multidimensional Spectroscopy by Professor Yoshitaka Tanimura
25 Mar -11
Bioactive Response of Cultured Hepatocarcinoma Cells and Adipocytes to Triterpenoids Derived from Selective Medicinal Plants by Asst. Professor Popovich, David Glen
24 Mar -11
Introduction to the NTU Protein Production Platform by Asst. Professor Tobias Carl Cornvik
23 Mar -11
How Proteins Understand Genomes by Dr. Ralf Jauch
16 Mar -11
“Multi-scale” Simulation of Processes in Membrane Proteins and Biomembranes: Methods and Applications by Professor Qiang Cui
15 Mar -11
Structure and Dynamics of Buried Interfaces of Nanopaticles, Thin Films and Biological Cells
Probed by Nonlinear Light Scattering by Professor Hai-Lung Dai
09 Mar -11
Assembling Small Molecules for Disrupting and Detecting Protein-Protein Interactions by Professor Junko Ohkanda
03 Mar -11
Mode of Action and Possible Real Producers of the Marine Natural Product Norzoanthamine,
A Promising Candidate for Osteoporosis by Asst. Professor Seketsu Fukuzawa
28 Feb -11
Coarse-Grained Force Field Simulations for Protein Structure Prediction and Protein Aggregation Dynamics and Thermodynamics by Professor Philippe Derreumaux
15 Feb -11
Label-Free Biophotonic Arrays for Profiling the Blood Proteome: Allergy and the Immune Response by Assoc. Prof. Andrew M. Shaw
10 Feb -11
08 Feb -11
08 Feb -11
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