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​​21 December - 18​​​​​​ Protein Engineering applied to the creation of optogenetic tools for visualization of dynamic biological activities​​ 
​​20 December - 18​​​​ Chiral phosphate in Rh+​- and Ir+​-​ asymmetric catalysis ​​​
​​20 December - 18​​​​ Artifical Photosynthesis for Solar Energy Conversion​ 
​​20 December - 18​​​​ Potential Applications of Crown Ether-based Recognitions​​
​​20 December - 18​​​​ Utilizing the power of light and light-sensitive molecules to visualize and treat cancer
​17 December - 18​​​ Coordination Chemistry of 1st-row Transition Metal Pincer Complexes​
​14 December - 18​​ Gold Catalysis: Fun with Functionalized Carbenes​​
​14 December - 18​​ Detection and Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide by Functional Model Complexes​
​7 December - 18 Functional Metallomics​From Biological​ Evaluation of Metal Complexes to Their
Characterization in Cells
​​5 December - 18 ​​Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Coupling Reactions​
​30 November - 18 Embracing Safer Environment - Holistic Approach to Analyte Selectivity and Detection
​​29 November - 18​ ​​Versatile Metallic Nanodendrites for SERS/Electrochemical Analysis and Peptide-Incorporated SERS Schemes for Bio-analyte Detection
​​21 November - 18 Silicon-Containing Linkers for MOF Constructio​n​
​13 November - 18 Functionalisation of Graphite and 2D Materials: Applications in Electrocatalysis and Separation By Professor Robert A. W. Dryfe​​​​
​5 November - 18 Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Hybrids Beyond Perovskites​ By Professor Biwu Ma​
​5 November - 18 New Strategies for Carbon Dioxide Incorporation through C–C Bond Forming Process​ by Professor Tsuyoshi Mita​ 
​26 October - 18 Challenge: Mimicking transition metals using Si​ by Professor Tsuyoshi Kato
2 October - 18
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Na2: A Theoretical Primer​ by Professor Frank Grossman​
​​2 October - 18 Total Synthesis of Biologically Important Natural Products Enabled by Development of Novel Synthetic Methods and Strategies by Proessor Zhen Yang
​​14 September - 18 Overcoming Steric Hindrance and Molecular Strain by Rhodium-Catalyzed Cycloaddition by Professor Ken Tanaka​
​13 September - 18 ​​Catalyzing and Controlling Chemical Reactions with Electric Fields​ by Professor Michelle Coote​
​​5 September ​- 18 ​​Small r Big D by Dr Ken Lee​​​
​​29 August - 18 ​​Natural Product on Demand: A Bioinspired Approach by Professor Ran Hong​
​​23 August - 18 ​​Ab initio modeling of complex chemical phenomena in aqueous solution by Dr Mirza Galib​
​​14 August - 18 ​​New Trifluoromethylation Reactions with Fluoroform-Derived CuCF3 and Domino Synthesis of TrifluoromethylatedHeterocycles by Professor Gavin Chit Tsui 
​​8 August - 18 ​Microfluidic Devices as Miniaturized Analytical Platforms​ by Professor Lourdes Basabe-Desmonts
​​7 August - 18 ​​Materials By Design: Why Do We Care? How Do We Make It Happen? by Dr Thao T Tran​​
​6 August - 18 ​​​Chemical Reactivity: From Computational Understanding to New Design by Dr Bhaskar Mondal​
​31 July - 18  ​​New Insights into an Old Target: Study of bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis and beyond​ by Dr Qiao Yuan
​​30 July - 18 ​​A Quantum Chemical Journey in Understanding Carbon-Carbon Bond Catalysis by Dr Richmond Lee
​​25 July - 18 ​​Smarter Microfluidics with Smart Materials​​​ by Professor Fernando Benito-Lopez​
​19 July - 18​  ​​​
Metallic Nanoparticles: Strategies for on-surface synthesis, 3D patterning and 

studying plasmon-induced chemistry at the nanoscale​ by Professor Safi Jradi​

​16 July - 18 ​​Data-driven drug discovery and repositioning by machine learning by Professor Yoshihiro Yamanishi
​29 June - 18 ​​​Organic Chemistry Inspired by the Organometallic Chemistry of Gold by Professor F. Dean Toste
​29 June - 18 ​​The versatility of xanthates for macromolecular engineering by ​Professor Mathias Destarac
​23 May - 18 ​​Protein Chemistry and Functional Proteomics: Photocaging, Crosslinking and Capture

Unknown Enzyme Substrates by Professor Zhaohui Sunny Zhou​

​22 May - 18 ​​​Designed DNA Nano-Switches as Sensitive Electrochemical Biosensors​ by Professor Hogan Yu
​​​4 May - 18 ​​The chemical bond overlap polarizability and covalency. Concepts and applications: from diatomic molecules to solids​ by Prof Oscar L. Malta​

​30 April - 18 ​​New methodologies for the synthesis of biologically active natural products by Prof Martin Banwell​
​27 April - 18 ​​Coordination Chemistry of Gold(I) Metalloligands with Thiol-containing Amino Acids by Prof Takumi Konno
​​26 April - 18 ​​Recent Progress in NiH-Catalyzed Remote Functionalization by Prof Zhu Shaolin
​25 April - 18 ​​Upconversion Super Dots for Super-Resolution Imaging and Single Molecule Tracking by Prof Jin Dayong
​​24 April - 18​ ​​Synthesis of diverse heterocyclic scaffolds by functionalization and cyclization by Prof Nopporn Thasana​
​​29 March - 18​ ​​Electron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions by Professor Eiji Shirakawa​
​​​27 March - 18 ​​Four-dimensional Imaging in Chemistry and Materials Science by Dr Omar F. Mohammed
​​20 March - 18 ​​Asymmetric C-H activation: Towards unprecedented ligands and biologically active molecules by Prof Françoise Colobert​
​19 March - 18 ​​Triptycene-Derived Macrocyclic Hosts for Controllable Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly by Prof Chen Chuanfeng
​​19 March - 18 ​​Water oxidation chemistry of photosystem II and artificial systems by Prof Gary Brudvig​
​28 February - 18 Redox Catalysis Strategies for Complex Molecules by Professor Corey Stephenson
​28 February - 18 Iron(III)-Catalyzed Carbonyl-Olefin Metathesis and Oxygen Atom Transfer by Professor Corinna Schindler
​13 February - 18 Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research by Dr Kuan Seah Ling
​1 February - 18 From Lewis acid catalyst to catalytic peptide synthesis by Professor Hisashi Yamamoto
​26 January - 18 Redox Active Low-coordinated Heavier Group 14 Elements Compounds by Professor Takahiro Sasamori
​17 January - 18 Catalytic a-Amination of Acylpyrazoles and Catalytic Addition of Various Nucleophile to N-Unprotected a-Ketiminnoesters for the Synthesis of Unnatural a-Amino Acid Derivatives by Professor Takashi Ohshima

​15 January - 18 Carbon Nanomaterial-Based Micromotors for Food Analysis by Professor Alberto Escapa
​15 January - 18 Cyclization of Functionalized Alkynes by Professor Yu Chen
​10 January - 18 Metal complexes in biology: development of metal-based probes by Professor Helene Bertrand
​9 January - 18 Medicinal Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery by Dr Mahmood Ahmed
5 January - 18
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