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2019 Seminars and Events

​Current and Upcoming Seminars

21 August 2019 Two-dime​nsional Electronic Spectroscopy of Molecular Aggregate: When Theory Meets Experiments​

Current and Upcoming Symp​osiums and Other Events

​17-19 November 2019 ​ACS Publications Symposium – Innovation in Material Science &Technology​
28-31 July 2019 The 7th Asian Silicon Symposium​

Past Seminars, Symposiums and Other Events​

Date Information
​16 August 2019 Sketch and Peel Lithography for Multiscale Patterning​
​16 August 2019 A Step Beyond the Boundary of Traditonal Aryne Chemistry
​1 August 2019​ ​​Silylcations and Novel Aromatics​ ​​
​18 July 2019 Gas Phase Kinetics and Spectroscopy Relevant to Atmospheric and Combustion Processes​
​28 June 2019 ​Clean Processes of Polymerization: Organocatalysis, Photopolymerization, Biobased Monomers, Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Water​
​​​27 June 2019​ Polyimide-based Composite Aerogels for Thermal Insulation and Flame Retardancy
​​​27 June 2019​ ​​Opening the Editor's Black Box: Insider Tips for Successful Submissisons ​
​​​27 June 2019​ ​Supramolecular Approach for New Targeted Cancer Therapy: From Assembly to Nanomedicine​
​26 June 2019​​​ Porous-tectonics: The Total Synthesis of Advanced Porous Materials via Chemical Self-Assembly
​26 June 2019​​​ Synthesis and Properties of Novel Cyclic π-Conjugated Molecules​​​
​26 June 2019​​​ Exploration of Synthesis and Property of Novel Porphyrinoids​ ​
​26 June 2019​​​ ​Microfluidics for Biochemical Analysis and Synthesis​​
​​25 June 2019​​ Scientific Writing & Publishing​ 
​​14 June 2019 Borametallomimetics - Activation of Small Molecules by Low-valent Boron Species​
​​14 June 2019 Resonance and Time Resolved Inelastic Light Scattering to Stud Nanoscale Physics in Charge Transfer Relevant Systems​
​​17 May 2019​​ ​Re-Inventing Darwinism from the Ground Up​​
​​16 May 2019 ​​Bioanalytics using Plasmonic Nanostructures​
​7 May 2019
Delevoping Earth-Abundant Photoredox Catalysts​
​15 April 2019 ​​Why Study and Control the Conformation and Supramolecular Arrangement of Molecules by CD/SRCD Spectroscopy? Applications to Drugs, Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Nanocrystal Cellulose, Light Harvesting Complex II and Optoelectronic Materials​.
​​​9 April 2019​ Nanoparticles from Helium Droplets Synthesis: Towards New Materials for Plasmonics and Catalysis​
​​​9 April 2019​ ​​​Nanomaterials Synthesized in Helium Droplets​
​29 March 2019​ PN3(P)Pincer Complexes: Cooperative Catalysis and Beyond​ ​
​​22 March 2019 Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Planar-Chiral Transition-Metal Complexes and Their Application in Organic Transformations​​​
​21 March 2019 Advances in Target-Oriented Synthesis - A Recent Account​​
​12 February 2019 ​​Design Strategy towards Recyclable and Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of CO2 to Formate​ ​
​11 February 2019​ ​​Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy for Seeing Molecular Motion, Assembly and Reactions​​
​8 February 2019 Making Two Triplets from One Singlet Exciton - Singlet Fission Yield of TIPS-Pentacene in a Polymer Matrix​
​18 January 2019 Alkali Metal Mediation in Synergistic Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis ​
​9 January 2019 Oxidation-Induced C-H Functionalization and Catalytic Oxidative Cross-Coupling ​​​
4 January 2019
​​​Cascades of Interrupted Pummerer Reaction and Sigmatropic Rearrangment