Seminars and Events


​Current and Upcoming Seminars

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​14 August 2020​ ​Small Molecule Activation at Transition Metal Centers: Structure-function Correlations
​14 August 2020 ​​Specificity, Function and Regulation of Protein O-GlcNAc Modification
07 August 2020 ​Spectroscopic Single-molecule Localization Microscopy (sSMLM)

Current and Upcoming Symposiums and Other Events

15-17 January 2020 Nanyang Research Conference: Synthetic Chemistry and Catalysis​

Past Seminars, Symposiums and Other Events​

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​​​24 July 2020​ ​​​Annulative π-Extension Chemistry (APEX): Precise and Rapid Synthesis of Nanographenes and Graphene Nanoribbons
​​​24 July 2020​ Chemical Approaches for Deciphering Glycosylation ​
​17 July 2020​ ​Going with the Flow - The Use of Continuous Processing in Organic Synthesis
​03 July 2020​ Single-molecule Catalysis: Nanoparticles and Polymers​
​26 June 2020​ ​​Lessons from Simulation of Time-Resolved Spectroscopy on Light-Harvesting Systems​
​19 June 2020 ​​​​Catalysis of Transition Metal Complexes in Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction: Improved Understanding in the Reaction Pathways​
​12 June 2020 Behavior of Molecules: From Catalysis to Biological Functions​
​5 June 2020 New-to-nature Chemical Tools for Studying Glycans and its Transport​ ​
​3 June 2020 ​​Powering Selective Oxidations of Organ​ic Molecules with Renewable Energy​ ​​
​​​22 May 2020 ​Engineering the Interfaces between the Encapsulated Catalysts and Metal-organic Frameworks ​​
​​​7 February 2020​​​​ ​​​Chemical Biology Tools for Studying Crowding Multimolecular Biosystems: Fluorescent Probes and Peptide Ligands​
​​​​5 February 2020​​ ​​​​​Functionalizing Material Interfaces for Enhanced Analyte Detections and Gas-based Applications
​​​22 January 2020​ ​Medicinal Chemistry in the Search for Antibiotics with a New Mode of Action and Potentiators of CFTR Chloride Channel
​​21 January 2020 Structure Characterisation of Bioactive Compounds and Their Interactions
​​16 January 2020​​ ​​7 Things You Never Knew About SciFinder-n....​
​​14 January 2020 Syntheses, Transformations and Applications of Organoboron Compounds​ 
​​​​13 January 2020​​ My Role within a Societal Publisher and Tips on how to Publish Your Scientific Research​
8 January 2020​
Combining Theory and Experiment to Develop Selective C-C Bond Formatives via Open-Shell Intermedia​tes​