CBC Lab Safety Policies

Laboratory Safety

Before commencing work in the laboratory, all staff and students must attend a laboratory safety training course (conducted by the Office of Health, Safety, and Emergency and/or the Division), must have completed a risk assessment, and must be familiar with the relevant safety requirements. Consult the links below for more information.

Any staff or students found in violation of safety rules in CBC will be penalized according to the policy below:

Number of Offences Penalty
1 Banned from instrument use for 1 week.
2 Banned from instrument use for 2 weeks.
3 Offender and Supervisor(s) to stand before the Safety Committee.
In addition, banned from instrument use for 3 weeks.

The names of all safety offenders will be published, together with the names of their supervisors.

Safety Requirements

All CBC staff and students must be familiar with the School's emergency procedures, the contents of the SPMS Laboratory Safety Manual, as well as the following chemistry-related safety rules:

General Safety Knowledge

Safe Lab Procedures

Safe Waste Disposal

Safe Handling of Specific Chemicals

Additional Safety Information