Curriculum for Matriculation Years 2014 – 2015

BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with 2nd Major in Food Science & Technology​

Curriculum Overview

The following curriculum applies to students admitted in Academic Year 2014/2015 to Academic Year 2015/2016. For students admitted in other years, click here.

Course Type AU Remarks
Core Courses
51 AU of lectures and lab courses on Chemistry; 9 AU of Mathematics and Physics courses.
Final Year Project / Industrial Internship
Taken in Year 4.
Prescribed Electives
Usually taken in Year 4.
General Education Requirements (GER) Core Courses
Click here for the list of GER Core courses.
GER Prescribed Electives ​12
Unrestricted Electives
(Second Major in Food Science & Technology)
2nd Major in FST consists of 33 AU, of which 18 AU are core courses from Wageningen University and 15 AU are a selection of Prescribed Electives from NTU. Click here for more information about 2nd Major FST courses.