Overview of MSc and PhD Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematical Sciences


The PhD in Mathematical Sciences programme is a four-year programme that provides graduate students with a stimulating environment for conducting original research in the mathematical sciences. Graduate students take advanced courses focusing on active research topics, and perform research under the supervision of a faculty member. Our students receive intensive support in their theoretical work, as well as in practical and computational aspects (where appropriate), including access to state-of-the-art computational resources. The programme culminates in writing and defending a doctoral research thesis before a panel of experts.

Our faculty members are leading experts in a wide variety of mathematical fields, including Discrete Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Pure Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, as well as Probability and Statistics. Click here for a selection of recent research highlights.

Most PhD students are supported by scholarships, which cover tuition fees and provide a stipend and other forms of support. Scholarships typically include teaching and service requirements; the exact terms and conditions are explained upon the offering of the scholarship. For information about the available terms of support, please contact us.

To apply for the PhD programme, please go to our Admission Requirements page, and read the instructions carefully.

Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematical Sciences

The MSc in Mathematical Sciences programme is a 1–3 year programme combining a coursework component with research experience at the frontiers of mathematical research. Masters students are also expected to complete a research thesis, though at a lower level of comprehensiveness and scope than PhD theses.

The Division of Mathematical Sciences also offers Masters programmes by coursework. Click here for more information.