Curriculum for Matriculation Year 2018

BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences - Business Analytics Track

This curriculum applies to students admitted in AY18/19 and pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences in the Business Analystics Track.

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Curriculum Overview

Courses AU
MAS Core Courses
38 AU
Core Courses for Business Analytics Track
18 AU
Prescribed Electives for Business Analytics Track
These may include Final Year Project / Professional Internship.
Note that a grade of A- or better in MH4900 (Final Year Project; 8 AU) is required to be eligible for Honours (Highest Distinction).

25 AU
GER Core Courses​
Please refer to URL for the list of GER Core requirements - 
17 AU
GER Elective Courses 15 AU
Unrestricted Electives
21 AU
134 AU

To satisfy the major with a Concentration in the Mathematics of Information and Communication, in addition to the above major requirements, a student must pass four courses in the A2 electives list.

To satisfy the major with a Concentration in Computational Mathematics, in addition to the above major requirements, a student must pass EITHER at least four courses in the A1 electives list, OR at least four courses in the A3 electives list​.

MAS Core Courses

MH1100 - Calculus I 4 AU  1
MH1200 - Linear Algebra I 4 AU ​1
MH1300 - Foundations of Mathematics 4 AU ​1
MH1101 - Calculus II 4 AU 2
MH1201 - Linear Algebra II
4 AU
MH1301 - Discrete Mathematics
3 AU
MH1403 - Algorithms & Computing
3 AU
MH2100 - Calculus III
4 AU
MH2500 - Probability and Introduction to Statistics
4 AU
MH3110 - Ordinary Differential Equations
4 AU

GER Core Courses

Courses AU Sem
HW0001 - Introduction to Academic Communication
For students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test (QET).
0 AU

Core Courses For Business Analytics Track

Courses AU
MH3500 - Statistics   4 AU
MH3511 - Data Analysis with Computer   3 AU
MH3400 - Algorithms for the Real World   4 AU
BE1401 - Business Operations and Processes   4 AU
BU8601 - Fundamentals of Management   3 AU

Prescribed Electives for Business Analytics Track

Student are to choose either:

a) At least two courses from list B1, two courses from list B2, and one course from list B4 (at least 14AU must be from MH4XXX/CZ4XXX courses.)

b) At least three courses from list B1, and two courses from list B2 (if list B4 is not chosen) (at least 14AU must be from MH4XXX/CZ4XXX courses.)

The remaining AU for the total requirement of 25 AU for Prescribed Electives may be fulfilled through any MH3XXX / MH4XXX / MAS71X / MAS72X / MAS74X courses.​

Courses AU
List B1 MH3510 - Regression Analysis
4 AU
MH4500 - Time Series Analysis
​4 AU
MH4501 - Multivariate Analysis 4 AU
MH4510 - Statistical Learning and Data Mining 4 AU
MH4513 - Survival Analysis 4 AU
CZ2007 - Introduction to Databases 3 AU
CZ4041 - Machine Learning 3 AU
CZ4033 - Advanced Data Management 3 AU
CZ4034 - Information Retrieval 3 AU
​List B2 AB1401 - Technological Innovations and Developments
3 AU
BC2402 - Designing & Developing Databases 4 AU
BT2403 - Services Operations Management 4 AU
BC3402 - Financial Service Processes and Analytics 4 AU
​List B3 MH3310 - Mathematical Foundations of Game Theory
4 AU
MH3701 - Basic Optimization
4 AU
MH3700 - Numerical Analysis I 3 AU
MH4320 - Computational Economics 4 AU
MH4700 - Numerical Analysis II 4 AU
MH4701 - Mathematical Programming ​4 AU
MH4702 - Probabilistic Methods in OR 4 AU
​List B4
MH4900 - Final Year Project
8 AU
MH4903 - Professional Internship
11 AU