Final Year Project Proposal List

The table below list some general research topics for each of our Faculty. Eligible students should have further discussions with the staff directly if they are interested to take up FYP related to any of the topics below. Students may also agree directly with staff members to work on projects not contained in the list below.
Available Research Topics
  1. Potential Theory and its Application to Rational and Harmonic Approximation
  1. ​Topological Invariants Associated with Quantum Field Theory
  2. Low dimensional topology
  3. Mathematical Physics​
  4. Differential Geometry of Robotics
Bei Xiaohui
  1. ​Algorithmic game theory
  2. Mechanism design​
  3. Resource allocation​
  4. Social network analysis
  1. Algebraic Design Theory
  2. Finite Geometry
  3. Algebraic Number Theory
  1. Applications of the Mittag-Leffler theorem to number theory
  2. Indefinite theta functions
  1. Lasserre’s new approximations of nonnegativity on closed sets and copositive programming
  1. Education and learning analytics
  2. Urban analytics
  3. Topological data analysis
  4. Algebraic topology
  5. Theory of knots and braids​
​Gary Royden Watson Greaves
  1. ​Spectral graph theory
  2. Algebraic Combinatorics
Guo Jian​
  1. Cryptanalysis of Symmetric-Key Cryptography, such as AES block cipher, SHA-3 hash function
  2. Secure Implementation of Symmetric-Key Cryptography standards
  3. Lightweight Cryptography
  4. Privacy Preserving Technolgies


  1. Bayesian inverse problems and data assimilation -- blending statistics with applied mathematics
  2. Analysis of problems with multiple scales
  1. Computer methods in the discovery and proof of combinatorial identities
  2. Majority logic codes and combinatorial designs
  1. Fourier analysis on the Boolean cube with applications to computational complexity
  1. Complex Analysis (Function Theory) in Several Variables
  2. Applications in Theory of Representing Systems
  3. Functional Equations and Approximation of Functions
Lim Kay Jin
  1. ​Representation theory of symmetric groups, Hecke algebras and related algebras
  1. Calibrating the exact axiomatic strength of mathematical statements
  2. Algorithmic information theory in real world applications
  3. Topological games and algorithms
  1. Coding theory and security
  1. Applications of Probability
  2. High dimensional hypothesis test
Pun Chi Seng
  1. ​Financial/actuarial problems: derivatives pricing, investment, insurance/reinsurance
  2. Data analysis problems: statistical learning, high-dimensional statistics, data mining
  1. Invariant transformations of Poisson point samples
  2. Noise detection by SURE shrinkage in continuous time
  1. Banach Stone Theorem
  2. Geometry of Banach Spaces
  3. Functions of Baire Class One
  1. Symmetric Key Cryptography
  2. Lightweight Cryptography
  3. Cryptanalysis
Tong Ping
  1. Inverse problems
  2. Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  3. Mathematical tools for oil and gas exploration
  4. Earthquakes
  5. Subsurface imaging of the earth planet
  1. Combinatorial Cryptography
  2. Secure Multi-Party Computation
  1. Simulation of Physical and Engineering problems by computer with high precision
  2. Image processing via partial differential equations and numerical means
  1. Effective combinatorics
  2. Computable algebra
  3. Automatic structures
  1. Cryptanalysis of symmetric key ciphers
  2. Security evaluation of cryptography in applications
  3. Software vulnerability detection and mitigation
Xiang L​iming​​
  1. Applications of survival analysis methods
  2. Statistical inference through simulations
​Xia Kelin
  1. Deep learning based drug design
  2. Topological data analysis (TDA)
  3. Biomolecular data analysis
  1. Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
  2. Application of Linear Mixed Models