​Congratulations to the Nanyang Award winners! 

Published on: 02-Sep-2019

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The School would like to congratulate the winners of the Nanyang Education Award and Nanyang Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award 2019.

The Nanyang Education Award is the highest honour conferred by the University to faculty members in the field of teaching. The award recognises the dedication and achievements of faculty members who displayed excellent teaching practices and enriched the learning experiences of NTU SPMS undergraduates.

The Nanyang Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award recognises individuals who make significant contributions to the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem at NTU through the creation of new leaders and business ventures.

Let us congratulate the following faculty members:  

Nanyang Education Award (College)

Chong Yidong (Assoc Prof)

Nanyang Education Award (School)

Pullarkat Appukuttan Sumod (Dr)

Nicolas Privault (Prof)

Nanyang Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Lew Wen Siang (Assoc Prof)

The award ceremony will be held at Nanyang Auditorium on 19 September 2019. 

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