Colloquiums and Public Lectures


Colloquiums and Public Lectures are high-profile speaking events, delivered by world-renowned experts. Colloquiums are intended for an audience of non-expert scientists and students, while Public Lectures are intended for members of the general public who are interested in science. Over the years, the Division of Physics and Applied Physics has hosted a number of extremely eminent speakers, such as Professor F. D. M. Haldane (co-winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics), Professor Sir Michael Berry, and Professor Harald Fritzsch.


Date​​ ​Information
​23 September 2020 Why the world i​s simple By Professor Ard A. Louis ​
15 January 2020​​ Testing Gravity with Cold Atoms By Professor Guglielmo M. Tino​​


Date​​ ​Information
24 September 2019​ On systems with and without excess energy in environment ICD and other interatomic mechanisms By Professor Lorenz S. Cederbaum
25 June 2019 ​ Technological innovation in photonics: from the Institute of Photonics to Fraunhofer and from mLED to Oculus By Prof. Martin D. Dawson​
17 April 2019 Light Matter Interaction at TeraHertz frequencies:Nonlinear optics and functional control By Prof. Andrea Cavalleri ​


Date​​ ​Information
​4 April 2018 ​​​Cooperative and UltraStrong Light-Matter Coupling: Phenomena in Condensed Matter by Junichiro Kono​
​16 March 2018 Taming active nematics by Prof Francesc Sagues​
1 February 2018 Quantum frequency combs: generation, characterization and applications to scalable quantum information processing by Claude Fabre
​​26 January 2018 Topological Quantum Matter and Entanglement by Prof F. Duncan Haldane


Date Information
17 November 2016  Unknowns of energy concentrating phenomena 
​12 April 2016 ​​The maggot in the apple: peaceful coexistence of incompatible theories  


​Date Information​
22 August 2013 Enriching the Standard Model: What if the Higgs has many brothers? 
By Prof Chang Ngee Pong
23 April 2013  Experimental Detection of the He-McKellar-Wilkens Phase
By Prof. Bruce McKellar 
7 January 2013 Holography, Graviton, and High Energy Scattering at LHC
By Prof Tan Chung-I


Date​​ Information​
20 February 2012 What can we learn about non-standard model CP violation from Hadrons?
by Prof. Bruce McKellar 


Date ​Information
15 December 2010 The Turbulent Cosmos: Dark Energy and Other Mysteries
by Prof. Kerson Hang
8 December 2010
by Prof. Harald Fritzsch 


Date Information
20 Sep 2005  Global Warming & Energy Policy for the 21st Century
Prof Douglas Osheroff, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1996