Seminars: 2007

Date Information
17 Dec 07 Molecular Machines: Packers and Movers, Assemblers and Shredders
Prof. Debashish Chowdhury
30 Nov 07 Metal Oxide Nanowire Arrays and Compund Oxide Nanotubes
Dr. Fan Hongjin
15 Nov 07 Electronic complexity on the Border of Magnetism
Dr. Christos Panagopoulos
13 Nov 07  Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect
Prof Qiu Zi Qiang
12 Nov 07 DNA Quadruplexes & Applications to Telomeres
Dr. Jean-Louis Mergny
7 Nov 07 Understanding the Thermodynamic Properties of
InGaN Alloys Through a First-principles Approach
Dr. Gan Chee Kwan
03 Oct 07 Growth and characterization of NLO materials: A Review on NLO Materials from the Amino Acid Family
Dr. S.Natarajan
10 Sep 07  AbinitioCalculations as a Tool for Discovery: Origin of the VerweyTransition in Magnetite
Prof Guang-Yu GUO
31 Aug 07   Phase-diagram Domains of a Colloidal Dispersion
Dr. S.K. Lai
30 Aug 07 Lowest Energy Structures of a Bimetallic Cluster
Dr. S.K. Lai
27 Aug 07  Anomalous Nernst effect in Novel Superconductors
Dr. Zhu’an XU
13 Aug 07 College of Technology, Vietnam National University Joint Seminar 
10 Jul 07  Thermoelectric Properties of Low BandgapCrystalline Polymers
Prof. John S. Tse
3 July 07   The cooperative molecular field effect- Surprising magnetic and
electronic properties at interfaces
Dr Ron Naaman
26 Mar 07 Understanding Cellular Nanomachines: A minimalist approach to studying nuclear pore complex function by de novo design
Dr Roderick Y. H. Lim 
9 Mar 07 Phynance: Science in the Financial World
Dr KHOO Guan Seng
27 Feb 07 Surface and Size Effects on Phase Transition Behaviors of NanoscaleFerroelectric and MultiferroicMaterials
Prof WANG Biao
7 Feb 07 MultiferroicHeterostructures: 1 +1 > 2
Dr Wu Tao
31 Jan 07
  1. Composition Controlled Spin Polarization in Co1-xFexS2: Electronic, Magnetic, and Thermodynamic Properties
  2. Oscillating Exchange Bias in Fe/Cr Structure
    Dr Wang Lan
24 Jan 07 Transparent Electrode Modification For Enhancing OLED Performance
Dr Zhu Fu Rong
16 Jan 07   Monte Carlo Methods And Their Applications
Dr Lee Hwee Kuan
15 Jan 07   Magneto-Optical Imaging of Abrikosov Vortices and Flux Avalanches in Superconductors
Dr Tom H. Johansen