Seminars: 2008

Date Information
12 Dec 08 Electrostatics of water at the nanoscale by Professor Gerard Wong
17 Nov 08 Theoretical Studies Ranging from Quantum Dots to On-water Catalysis
Prof. Rudolph A. Marcus
14 Nov 08 High power THz Generation and Thz Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Dr. Mattias C. Hoffmann
13 Nov 08   The Spin Supersolid Phase
Dr. Pinaki Sengupta
7 Nov 08 Electronic Properties of Graphene
Prof Zhang Yuanbo
23 Oct 08   Opportunities in Nanomagnetism
Prof. S. D. Bader
21 Oct 08  Short coherence length superconductivity and its consequences in the extreme type-II compound SnMo6S8 
Dr Alexander Petrovic
2 Sep 08 Will Carbon based devices bring in the Next Micro-electronics Revolution?
Prof. T. C. Choy
15 Aug 08   Functional Nanomaterials: Shapes, Forms and Functions
Prof. Satishchandra B. Ogale
Dr. Serge Bouaziz
26 Jun 08 RaPID (Random Peptide Integrated Discovery) system:
A new Emerging Technology for the Development of Non-standard Peptide Drugs
Prof. Hiroaki SUGA
12 Jun 08 Macroscopic Super-radiance and Squeezed Photons from
ExcitonCondensate in Electron-Hole BilayerSystems 
Dr. Jinwu YE
23 Apr 08 Dynamics of Electrorheological(ER)  Fluid and Electron Transport in 
Magnetic Multilayers 
Dr. Jianwei Zhang
15 Apr 08   Molecular Self-Assembly on Surfaces and Molecule-Substrate Interface 
Dr. Wei Chen
1 Apr 08  NanoscaleTorque Measurements of F1 ATP- Synthase
Dr. Akilan Palanisami
28 Mar 08 Gallium Nitride Micro-optoelectronics
Dr. Anthony Choi
28 Mar 08 Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Semiconducting Nanoparticles and Organic Polymers
Dr. Sum Tze Chien
19 Mar 08 Cleaning in Nano-Electronics by Physical Forces
Dr. P.W. Mertens
4 Mar 08  Towards the Early Detection of Osteoarthritis in Mouse and Human Articular Cartilage by Indentation-type Scanning Force Microscopy
Dr. Martin Stolz
26 Feb 08 Synthesis and Properties of Rare Earth Nanocrystals
Dr Chun-Hua Yan

1 Feb 08   Magnetic Coupling and Quantum Well States 
Prof. Z. Q. Qiu
19 Jan 08  BN nanotubes, interaction with molecules and their
polymeric composites
Dr. Zhi Chunyi
18 Jan 08   Probing Charge Transfer from a Metal Electrode into a
Molecule/Polymer/Insulator with Nanometer Resolutio
Dr. N Chandrasekhar
11 Jan 08 Dynamics of Capillary-Held Liquids
Dr. Nobuo Maeda

6 Jan 08 Spin Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures 
Dr. M. W. Wu
 6 Jan08 Controllable Synthesis, Characterization and Optical
Properties of Semiconductor Nanowires 
Dr. Guanzhong Wang