Seminars: 2009

Date Information
16 Dec 09 Probing novel quantum phenomena with high energy resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Dr. Xi Chen
11 Dec 09 Transport studies of individual crystalline nanowirescontacted by superconducting and normal electrodes
Dr. JianWang
29 Sep 09 Fabrication of nanobowlstructure and its plasmonicproperties
Ms. Ma Yun
18 Sep 09 Cavity Solitons in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitter Lasers (VCSEL)
Prof. Jorge R. Tredicce
11 Sep 09 Physics and Properties of Localized Structures in Optical Systems
Prof. Jorge R. Tredicce
31 Aug 09
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Complex Materials
Prof. Richard D. Averitt
13 Jul 09 Self-directed assembly of nano-objects in surfactant bilayers transferred on solid surfaces
Dr. Jean-Jacques Benattar
7 Jul 09 Interface effects in heterostructures with high Tc cuprates
Prof. Adrian Mihai Gozar
6 Jul 09   Carbon based spintronic material (Fe,Co)x-C1-x /Si nanostructure
Prof. Zhang Xiaozhong
3 Jul 09 Stabilization of Multifunctional Artificial Superlattices by Laser Ablation
Dr. Wilfrid Prellier
19 Jun 09 Frequency Standards Research on the West Coast of Australia
19 Jun 09 Field Emission Studies of Singled 1D Nanostructure Field-Emitter
Dr. Yeong Kuan Song
9 Apr 09 Physics of ultrafast laser induced high current electron emission from metal surface
30 Mar 09 Modeling Complex Systems: Catalsis, Clusters, DNA
Prof. Noter Roesch
30 Mar 09 Micro/Nano-fluidic Systems for Cell Signaling Studies
Dr. Zhizhong Yin
20 Mar 09 Australian Participation in the International SKA Project
Prof. Peter Quinn
6 Mar 09 Quantum Dots: Results & Unknowns
Prof. Rudi Marcus
5 Mar 09 Thermal transport in graphene nano-ribbon
5 Mar 09 Illustration of Chemical Bonding and Its Guidance to Rational Materials Design
3 Mar 09 Quantum Valley Hall Effect in Graphene
Dr. Ivar Martin
13 Feb 09 Is 25% the upper limit of internal efficiency for fluorescent OLEDs?
Dr. Chen Zhikuan (IMRE)
3 Feb 09 Spintronics: From Spins to Devices
Dr. Jiang Xiao
23 Jan 09 
Prof Antonio H. Castro Neto
16 Jan 09 
A combined NMR and SAXS study of a picornaviral replication complex
Dr. Steven M. Pascal
16 Jan 09 Bound excitons in Sr2CuO3
Dr. Kyungwan Kim 
13 Jan 09 Raman Epitaxial Metal-oxide Films - from Single Phase to Nanocomposite
Dr. Hao Yang
13 Jan 09 Characterization and control of electron dynamics in ultracold plasmas
Prof. Micheal Lim
9 Jan 09 Statistics of Single Molecule Measurements
Dr. Jianshu Cao
7 Jan 09 Raman Scattering from Optical Phonons in Semiconductor Nanowires
Dr. Qihua Xiong
6 Jan 09 Molecules on metals: A STM Approach
Dr Shih-Hsin Chang
5 Jan 09 Chartered’s Research Collaboration Program with NTU
Dr. Ng Chee Mang