Seminars: 2010

Date Information
22 December 2010
by Yong Ee Hou 
22 December 2010
by Prof. Yong Chen  
16 December 2010
by Dr. Fabio Di Fonzo 
19 November 2010
by Prof. Rod Ruoff  
15 November 2010
by Dr. Antonio Ruotolo 
12 November 2010
by Dr. Alexander Ling  
22 October 2010
by Dr. Daisuke Kan  
22 October 2010
by Dr. Dorthe M. Eisele  
19 October 2010
by Dr. Holger Eiger 
12 October 2010
by Dr. Andreas Hemmerich 
6 October 2010
by Dr. Shuo-Wang Yang 
29 September 2010
Collective Phenomena in Semiconductor Microcavities
by Dr. Ivan A. Shelykh 
8 September 2010
by Dr. Pierre Nassoy  
6 September 2010
by Prof. WANG Biao  
24 August 2010
by Dr. Dario Gerace  
16 August 2010
by Dr. Zhong Lin Wang  
12 August 2010
by Dr. Guglielmo Lanzani  
11 August 2010
by Dr. Guglielmo Lanzani  
6 August 2010
by Dr. Cristian D. Batista  
4 August 2010
by Dr. Rolf Lortz  
21 July 2010
Workshop on Physics with Ultra Cold Atoms
by Institute of Advanced Studies
20 July 2010
by Prof. You Qiang 
19 July 2010
by Dr. Stephen Fels 
1 June 2010
by Dr. Tobias Muller  
14 May 2010 First Principle guided Design of Surfaces and Interfaces: Catalysts and Tunneling Junctions
by Dr. Mark Saeys
20 April 2010
by Dr. Woon Siong GAN
16 April 2010
by Prof. Weinstein Marvin
15 April 2010 The understanding of the primary photochemistry of bacteriophytochromes opens ways to engineer the light sensing protein into an efficient fluorescent marker
by Dr. KC Toh
5 April 2010
by Prof. Notker Rosch
26 March 2010
by Prof. Kwek Leong Chuan
17 March 2010 Microbubbles Under an Acoustic Field within a Lab-on-a-chip: Manipulation and Self-organised "Ballet"
by Dr. Philipppe Marmottant
17 March 2010 New materials for organic electronics
by Dr. Andrew Grimsdale
16 March 2010 Complex Systems Single Molecule Studies of Charge Transfers
by Prof. R. A. Marcus
11 March 2010
by Prof. R. A. Marcus
24 February 2010
First-principles Study of Redox Reactions: From Electron Transfer between Metal Ions to the Enzymatic Reaction of Superoxide Reductase
by Dr. Patrick Sit
12 February 2010 Topologically-protected one-way modes in photonic crystals
by Dr. Chong Yidong  
10 February 2010 Applications in Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy
by Dr. Jesse Alton
10 February 2010 Template Directed Self-Assembly
by Prof. Lifeng Chi
19 January 2010 Physics based simulation of clothes, hair and soft tissues
by Prof. Nadia M. Thalmann
7 January 2010 Nanowires: A Platform for Nanoscienceand Nanotechnology
by Prof. Charles Lieber