Seminars: 2011

Date Information
19 December 2011 Centrifuge Decelerator for Cold Polar Molecules 
by Wu Xing
16 December 2011   Nanostructured all-organic solar cells 
by Dr. Denis Fichou
16 December 2011 Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) and Cloaking 
by Prof. Gunther Uhlmann
2 December 2011 Increasing Thermoelectric Efficiency: Dynamical Models Unveil Microscopic Mechanisms 
by Prof. Giulio Casati
22 November 2011 Nanopatterning Hamiltonian optical machines: from insights to design and experimental implementation 
by Prof. George Barbastathis
27 October 2011
11 October 2011 Quantitative Research opportunities in JP Morgan 
by Dr. Shen Ning 
28 September 2011
5 September 2011 Brains: the ultimate challenge for complex systems 
by Prof. Wlodzislaw Duch
1 September 2011 Density fluctuations in elongated Bose gases: from the weakly to strongly interacting regimes and from 1D to 3D 
by Dr. Isabelle Bouchoule
23 August 2011 The Potential For An Organic Solar PV Industry In Australia 
by Prof. Paul Dastoor
16 August 2011 Axial and Radial Heterostructure Semiconductor Nanowires: Fault Nucleation, Coherency Limits and Bandgap Engineered Devices 
by Dr. Shadi A. Dayeh
12 August 2011   Soothing the burn: Repairing sun-damaged DNA with enzymes 
by Prof. Dongping Zhong
27 July 2011 ZnO whishpering-gallery mode laser - from optically pump to electrically pump 
by Dr. Xu Chunxiang
26 July 2011 Graphene Based Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage 
by Dr. Yanwu Zhu
7 July 2011 Localised Structures in Semiconductor Broad-Area Lasers 
by Prof. Massimo Giudici
6 July 2011 Origins and stability of the polydomain regime in isotropic-genesis nematic elastomers 
by Bing-Sui Lu
5 July 2011 Orientation effects in electronic properties of TiO2 nanowires and nanotubes in the rutile and anatase phases 
by Dr. Dmitri Migas
4, 5 July 2011 Correlated Electrons --- A Dynamical Mean Field Theory Perspective 
by Dr. Jian-Xin Zhu
4 July 2011 Interfaces in Artificial Quantum Materials 
by Prof. Jak Tchakhalian
4 July 2011 Photodynamic Therapy based on Bacteriochlorophyll Derivatives 
by Prof. Hugo Scheer
29 June 2011 On Vapor Bubbles 
by Prof. Andrea Prosperetti
29 June 2011 Tuning photoluminescence of metal-ion-doped phosphors 
by Dr. Jianhua Hao
28 June 2011
27 June 2011 Crystal Synthesis of Complex Oxides Or How to Help Out Your Friendly Neighborhood Physicist 
by Prof. John F. Mitchell
27 May 2011 Gold Nanoparticles for Bioanalytical Applications 
by Dr. Cuong Cao
24 May 2011 The many-body physics of composite quantum particles
by Dr. Monique Combescot 
23 May 2011 Role of G-quadruplexes on replication and genome instability
by Dr. Alain Nicolas
13 May 2011 Quantum Magnetism in Optical lattices
by Ruichao Ma 
12 May 2011 Cell Mechanosensing - A Soft Condensed Matter Physics Approach
by Dr. Tee Shang-You 
25 April 2011
12 April 2011
8 April 2011
by Dr. Ho Shen Yong  
7 April 2011
by Dr. Baile ZHANG 
29 March 2011
by Dr. David Wilkowski  
23 February 2011
by Dr. Valy Rousseau 
22 February 2011
by Dr. Zhang Baile  
16 February 2011
by Dr. J. M. Floryan  
11 February 2011
by Prof. Gerald J. Meyer  
7 February 2011
by Dr. Song Han 
4 January 2011 
by Dr. Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou