Seminars: 2012

Date Information
20 December 2012 Plasmonic Harvesting of Solar Energy for Chemical Reactions
By Prof. Jianfang Wang
19 December 2012 Probing size-dependent light-matter interactions and structural phase change properties with nanowires
By Prof. Ritesh Agarwal
11 December 2012 The work value of information - recent advances
By Dr. Oscar Dahlsten
3 December 2012 Recent progress on coherent photonic interfaces [CANCEL] 
By Dr Alessandro Fedrizzi
29 November 2012 Multi-component Bosons in Optical Lattices
By Prof. George Batrouni
15 November 2012 Device-independent quantum information
By Prof. Valerio Scarani
7 November 2012 Developing a TEM-based Laboratory for Nanoresearch
By Prof. Litao Sun
1 November 2012 Magnetic Chains hit the Surface
By Prof. Miguel Cazalilla
31 October 2012 Three-Dimensional Topological Insulators: Probing Spin Polarized Surface States and Perspective for Future Spintronics
By Prof. Akio Kimura
18 October 2012 Molecular Functional Materials: From Multistability to Energy Transfer
By Prof. Anna Painelli
17 October 2012 Quantitative Research Opportunities in JPMorgan
By Dr Shen Ning
11 October 2012 Optical imaging of complex fields based on the use of azobenzene nanomotors 
By Prof. Jérôme Plain
10 October 2012 The Physical Review Journals and You: Why and how should we work together?
By Dr. Manolis Antonoyiannakis, editor, Physical Review Letters Dr. Ling Miao, editor, Physical Review X
20 September 2012 Fibre Amplifiers, the Fiberglass Web and the Optical Moore’s Law 
By Prof. Emmanuel Desurvire
14 August 2012 Nonlinear dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates in periodic potentials
By Dr. Elena Ostrovskaya
13 August 2012 Formation of Planetary Systems - Observations, Models, Experiments
By Professor Dr. Juergen Blum
19 July 2012 Recent Trends in Ultrafast Laser Science
By Dr. Ian Read
19 July 2012 Structural Biology of Small RNA-mediated Gene Regulation and Methylation-mediated Epigenetic Regulation
By Prof. Dinshaw J. Patel
12 July 2012 Advances in Characterization of Graphene-related Nanomaterials Using Atomic Force Microscopy
By Dr . Yu Jing Jiang
10 July 2012  Asymmetric Heat Conduction and Negative Differential Thermal Resistance in Nonlinear Systems
By Prof. Bambi Hu
10 July 2012  Free-electron-driven nanoscale light sources: from Hertzian antennas to metamaterials
By Dr. Giorgio Adamo
9 July 2012  Metal Oxide Quantum Rod & Dot- based Structures & Devices: Aqueous Design,
Electronic Structure & Applications for Solar Energy Conversion 
By Prof. Lionel Vayssieres
6 July 2012  CZTSSe: An emerging high performance solar cell technology
By Dr. Oki Gunawan
6 July 2012 Designing and Synthesizing Materials at the Nanoscale for Advanced Energy Applications 
By Prof. Dunwei Wang
5 July 2012 Synthesis, Study and example of Implementation of Inorganic Nanofilaments
By Dr. Vincent SALLES
4 July 2012 Conformal Transformation Optics
By Prof. Huanyang Chen
3 July 2012 Transforming Light and Sound With Metamaterials
By Prof. Nicholas Xuanlai Fang
3 July 2012 Complex Oxide Thin Films Grown by Laser Ablation: Metastable phases and Superlattice Structures
By Dr. Wilfrid Prellier
3 July 2012 Optical, Electronic and Magnetic properties of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials
By Prof. Arnaud Brioude
29 June 2012 Self-organization of atomic structures on metal surfaces
By Prof. Haifeng Ding
28 June 2012 Deep and Inelastic neutron scattering of quantum particles in ice, normal and metastable phases of water
By Prof. Carla Andrean
21 June 2012 Magneto-elastic coupling and spin glass behavior in Gallium Ferrite
By Prof. Rajeev Gupta
14 June 2012 Pattern Formation from Competing Interactions: Implications for Soft and Hard Condensed Matter Systems
By Dr. Charles Reichhardt
7 June 2012 Negative Magneto-Resistance in Disordered Ultra-Cold Atomic Gases 
by Prof. David A. W. Hutchinson
31 May 2012 Dynamics and thermodynamics of the two-chain spin ladder: Theory and experiments in BPCB
by Prof. Bruce Normand
31 May 2012 Light trapping in thin-film solar cells: towards the Lambertian limit
by Prof. Lucio Claudio Andreani
29 May 2012 History of Physics: from Greeks to present day 
by Prof. Martial Ducloy
22 May 2012 Recent advances in Matter-Wave Optics
by Prof. Martial Ducloy
17 May 2012 Magnetism In Low Dimensions: 2D, 1D and 0D 
by Dr. Ramesh Thamankar
15 May 2012 Revolutionizing Micromanipulation and Sensing
by Dr. Benoît Dagon
10 May 2012 Occam's Quantum Razor: How Quantum Mechanics can reduce the complexity of Classical Models 
by Dr. Mile Gu
26 April 2012 Feynman diagrams versus Fermi-gas Feynman emulator
by Prof. Felix Werner 
24 April 2012   Diving For Treasure In Complex Data
by Prof. Marvin Weinstein 
19 April 2012 Multiferroics for MERAM and Geomagnetic Sensors
by Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc
16 April 2012 Non-equilibrium Properties of Thermally Isolated Quantum Systems
by Prof. Boris Fine  
12 April 2012 BEC in External Potentials: from Condensate Deformation to Quantum Depletion
by Prof. Cord Mueller  
27 March 2012 Semiconductor disk lasers: a solid state dye laser technology?
by Prof. Martin Dawson  
22 March 2012 Surface Nanobubbles: Formation, Universality of the Contact Angle, and Stability
by Prof. Detlef Lohse 
2 March 2012 Understanding complex systems: Data analysis by network approach
by Won-Min Song 
16 February 2012 From Quarks to Chromodynamics - the history of QCD
by Prof. Harald Fritzsch  
14 February 2012 Optical response of ultracold atomic systems and nanofabricated metamaterials
by Prof. Janne Ruostekoski  
9 February 2012 Novel magnetization phenomena in frustrated quantum magnets
by Dr. Pinaki Sengupta 
2 February 2012 Imaging in multiple scattering media
by Prof. Roger Maynard  
13 January 2012 Graphene: Revisiting old questions in a new material
by Dr. Shaffique Adam  
11 January 2012 Information and the quantum
by Dr. Tomasz Paterek  
10 January 2012 Nanomaterials and Nanostructures for Electronics and Photonics
by Dr. Zhiyong Fan  
9 January 2012 Quantum Control of Light and Matter
by Prof. Jaewook Ahn 
9 January 2012 Nanofiber Quantum Electrodynamics
by Dr. Fam Le Kien