Seminars: 2013

Date Information
18 December 2013 Microwave Metamaterials and Applications
By Prof Tie Jun Cui
4 December 2013   The International Physics Course (IPC) in Osaka University, Japan
By Prof. H. Takabe
20 November 2013 Quantum optics with semiconductors: polariton quantum fluids and single photons sources
By Dr Alberto Bramati
15 November 2013 Controlling Leakage Currents in Molecular Electronic Devices
By Dr Christian A. Nijhuis 
7 November 2013  Anderson localization of classical waves
By Dr Sergey Skipetrov
31 October 2013 Lithium Ion Batteries – Materials Aspects and Perspectives
By B.V.R. Chowdar
29 October 2013 Time-Reversal, Waves and Innovation
By Prof. Mathias Fink
18 October 2013 Theory of Extremely Correlated Fermi Liquids
By Prof Sriram Shastry
9 September 2013   Ultrafast plasmon dynamics of heavily-doped semiconductor nanocrystals
By Prof. Francesco Scotognella
6 September 2013   Magneto-optical Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures 
By Prof. Rudolf Schäfer 
5 September 2013 Revisiting old questions in new materials
By Dr Shaffique Adam
24 July 2013 Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals
By Dr. Jose Oliveira
9 July 2013  Nanophotonics Technology and Applications 
By Prof. Shaya Fainman
8 July 2013 Publishing Physics in Science Magazine 
By Dr. Ian Osborne
5 July 2013  Nonlinear optical phononics: Harnessing sound and light in nonlinear nanoscale circuits 
By Prof. Benjamin Eggleton
4 July 2013 Nanomaterials Design for Energy and Environment
By Dr. Yi Cui 
20 June 2013  Colorful Science: From Beer Foam and Soap Films to Self-Assembled Structural Colors in Nature
By Dr. Vinod Saranathan
24 May 2013 Graphene-based, Graphene-derived, and New Carbon Materials
By Prof. Rodney S. Ruoff 
16 May 2013  Thermodynamics of Ultracold Gases
By Prof. Frederic Chevy
16 May 2013  Light Harvesting: non-local and quantum tunnelling effects
By Dr Luo Yu
16 May 2013 Transformation Optics and the control of light
By Dr Luo Yu 
8 May 2013   Controlling waves at subwavelength scales in space and time through complex media : from acoustics to optics
By Prof. Mathias Fink
7 May 2013   The Journey of Basic Science to Translational Science: Development of handheld Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry System for Medical Diagnosis
By Dr. Peng Weng Kung
6 May 2013   Directional light scattering by dielectric nanoparticles
3 May 2013   Human propeller telomeric DNA Quadruplex: Plastic or Elastic ? 
By Dr. Shozeb Haider
2 May 2013 Semiconductor Nanowires: Ideal Bridge between Macro and Microscopic Worlds 
By Prof. YU Dapeng
2 May 2013 Information Processing with Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction
By Prof. Jerzy Gorecki  
30 April 2013  Metrology of acoustics and industrial ultrasound
By Dr. Christian Koch
30 April 2013  Optimization of artificial flocks by means of anisotropy measurements
By Dr. Jun-ichi Inoue
30 April 2013 Chained Financial Failures at Nation-wide Scale in Japan
By Prof. Yoshi Fujiwara
Systemic Risk - DebtRank Analysis of Credit Networks in Japan 
By Prof. Hideaki Aoyama
29 April 2013  Econophysics of Income & Wealth Distributions in Societies
By Dr. Bikas K. Chakrabarti
17 April 2013 Multi-step simulation of natural and modified DNAs 
By Dr. Rosa Di Felice
11 April 2013   Enhancement of Network Resilience with Optimizing Topologies
By Prof. Akira Namatame 
4 April 2013 Composite Model of the Weak Bosons
By Prof. Harald Fritzsch
28 March 2013   Thin Films and Superlattices of Manganite Perovskites: Role of Transmission Electron Microscopy 
By Dr. Oleg Lebedev
26 March 2013 Advance Transmisson Electron Microscopy and Nanoarchitectures
By Dr. Oleg Lebedev
21 March 2013 Computational Problems and Practical Receivers for Photons
By Dr. Si-Hui Tan
20 March 2013 Towards Light Bullets in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
By Prof. Massimo Giudici
14 March 2013 Cesium Beam Clock and Magnetometer
By Prof. Yanhui Wang
28 February 2013
Quantum Entanglement and Thermodynamics 
By Prof. Vlatko Vedral
4 February 2013 (1) Spin conduction in anisotropic 3 ‐ D topological insulators, and 
(2) Anomalous spin diffusion in strained hole doped systems 
By Dr. Vincent E. Sacksteder IV
1 February 2013 Optical Integrated Circuits based on Exciton-Polaritons
By Prof. Alexey Kavokin
31 January 2013 Nonlinear Photonic Crystals and their applications for Optical Signal Processing
By Dr. Alfredo De Rossi & Prof. Xavier Checoury
30 January 2013  Theoretical Modeling of Electronic, Optical, and Doping Properties of Oxides for Energy Applications
By Prof. Su-Huai Wei
29 January 2013 Nonlinear Photonic Crystals and their applications for Optical Signal Processing
By Dr. Alfredo De Rossi & Prof. Xavier Checoury
24 January 2013 Charge Order in Oxides: The Grin of the Cheshire Cat
By Prof. Warren Pickett
18 January 2013 Applying the Methods of Physics to Education Research
By Dr. David M. Harrison
18 January 2013
Whither is the correlated oxide Interface?
By Prof. Jak Chakhalian
17 January 2013 Spin-1 antiferromagnets with single-ion anisotropy 
By Dr. Yasuyuki Kato
10 January 2013 Mathematical formulations of radiative heat transfer
By Prof. Steven G. Johnson 
9 January 2013 Interfacial Phenomena in Soft Matter and Biophysics
By Dr. Halim Kusumaatmaja
4 January 2013
Majorana Fermions in Semiconductor Nanowires
By Prof. Hongqi Xu 
4 January 2013
Direct Polarity assignment in semiconductor nanowires from atomic resolution dumbbell analysis: influence in the growth mechanisms and electronic and optical properties
By Prof. Jordi Arbiol