Seminars: 2015

Date Information
14 December 2015  From Smartphones to Diagnostics: programmable droplet microfluidics 
By Prof Hywel Morgan
11 December 2015  Low Cost Soft Magnets for Power Transformers, Electric Motors, and Current Sensors
By Michael Kurniawan
10 December 2015  Cavity opto-mechanics with ultra cold atoms in synthetic gauge field
By Prof Sankalpa Ghosh
7 December 2015  Dark mode meta surfaces and applications 
By Dr Anatole Lupu
2 December 2015  Biomorphism and electromagnetic signaling in biological structures 
By Prof Eugenio Fazio
1 December 2015  The perfect lens and manipulating light on the nanoscale
By Prof Sir John Pendry
30 November 2015 Quasi-stationary states in particle systems with power law interactions
By Dr Michael Joyce 
27 November 2015 Large Quantum and Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Materials
By Dr Aiichiro Nakano
3 November 2015  Towards a new generation of high-performance operational quantum sensors
By Mr Jean Lautier-Gaud
2 November 2015  The Compton-Schwarzschild correspondence from extended de Broglie relations
By Dr Matthew J. Lake 
30 October 2015  Quasi-stationary states in particle systems with power law interactions
By Dr Michael Joyce
29 October 2015  Counterterms in Gravity and N=8 Supergravity
By Prof Lars Brink
27 October 2015 Probing the quantum-classical boundary with compression software
By Prof Pawel Kurzynski 
22 October 2015  Control and Dynamics of Temporal Localized Structures in Semiconductor Lasers
By Prof Massimo Giudici
19 October 2015   Quantum phase estimation using a class of entangled states: NOON-type states
By Dr Su-Yong Lee
16 October 2015 The reasonable effectiveness of mathematical deformation theory in physics, especially quantum mechanics and maybe elementary particle symmetries
By Dr Daniel Sternheimer
16 September 2015  Mean-field theory for random close packings of non-spherical particles
By Dr Adrian Baule
10 September 2015  Quantum Physics with Ultra-Cold Atoms: from Bose-Einstein Condensation to Quantum Simulation 
By Dr Gerhard Birkl
8 September 2015  Recent Advances in Organic Optoelectronics
By Professor Huang Wei
31 August 2015  Controlling and probing weak colloidal interactions from the nano
to the micro scale 
By Prof Dr Frank Scheffold
31 August 2015
Spectroscopic Nanoscopy of Biological to Extraterrestric Materials
By Prof Fritz Keilmann 
28 August 2015  Processing Information with Small Quantum Devices
By Dr Marco Tomamichel
25 August 2015  Topological valley currents in gapped Dirac materials
By Dr Justin Song 
20 August 2015  Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Many-Body Quantum Systems
By Prof Dario Poletti 
6 August 2015  Publishing in Nature Hournals 
By Dr Elisa De Ranieri 
5 August 2015  Gravitationally Induced Decoherence 
By Prof Vlatko Vedral 
3 August 2015   Can Quantum theory reduce the complexity of classical models? 
By Dr Mile Gu
30 July 2015  Shaping the wavepackers of relativistic particles: altering their lifetime and radiation 
By Dr ido Kaminer 
21 July 2015  Towards exploring new quantum materials with degenerate Ytterbium atoms
By Dr Gyu-Boong Jo
14 July 2015  Recent Advances in Transition Metal-Catalyzed [2+2+2] Cycloadditions 
By Dr Corinne Aubert 
7 July 2015 Probe topological phases of matter in cold atoms 
By Dr Wang Shengtao
3 July 2015 Seminars on Magnetism and Spintronics
2 July 2015  Plasmas in Medicine
By Prof Bill Graham
1 July 2015 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of New Mexico
Dr Mansoor Sheik-Bahae
26 June 2015  Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Interface Anisotropy
By Prof Sara A. Majetich  
23 June 2015  Mobile atom interferometer for absolute gravity measurements 
By Mr Christian Freier
12 June 2015 An atom/surface Metamaterial Hybrid device 
By Assoc Prof David Wilkowski
10 June 2015   Ultracold gases: How to produce them and for what? 
By Assoc Prof David Wilkowski 
15 May 2015  Partial Cavity Shedding Due to the Propagation of Shock Waves in Bubbly Flows
By Prof Steven L Ceccio
22 April 2015  Phonon calculations: Techniques and applications
By Dr GAN Chee Kwan 
13 March 2015  New records at the forefront of quantum computing 
By Dr Nike Dattani 
13 March 2015  Highly sensitised organo-lanthanide complexes: A new approach to silicon lasers?
By Prof William Gillin
12 March 2015 Simulations of droplets, bubbles and interfaces 
By Prof Stéphane Zaleski 
12 March 2015  Ultra-low threshold Gallium Nitride photonic crystal nanobeam laser 
By Dr Evelyn L. Hu 
11 March 2015  Computational Frameworks of image Analysis for High Precision Radiation Therapy 
By Prof Hidetaka Arimura
5 March 2015  Atomic Modeling of the Putative Immature Retroviral Lattice using Molecular Dynamics
By Mr Goh Boon Chong
24 February 2015  Synchronization of Complex Networks 
By Prof Wang Xingang  
6 February 2015   Physical Behaviours of Biopolymers:Applications &Implications for life Sciences
By Dr Dai liang
4 February 2015 Fluctuation pressure of steric fluid membranes
By Dr Lu Bing Sui
28 January 2015  Loop echo spectroscopy of Anderson localization 
By Prof Cord A. Müller
28 January 2015  The Operational Significance of Discord: Theory, Applications and Experiments
By Dr Mile Gu
26 January 2015  Quantum and classical annealing in spin glasses and quantum computing 
By Prof Anders Sandvik 
22 January 2015  Generating novel inorganic nanostructures by highly concentrated solar and lamp light 
By Prof Jeffrey Gordon
20 January 2015   UMI Majulab Kick-off program
20 January 2015   Research Seminar 
T-duality, Toroidal Compactifications, and Asymmetric Orbifolds
Undergraduate Seminar 
On the notion of curvature in general relativity
By Dr Tan Hai Siong 
14 January 2015 Time-localized Structures in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
By Prof Massiomo Giudici 
8 January 2015
Carbon Materials for the Future
By Prof Rodney S. Ruoff