Seminars: 2016

Date Information
22 December 2016  Magneto-optical oxide thin films for integrated nonreciprocal photonic and magneto-plasmonic device applications 
15 December 2016   A theoretician's approach to nematic liquid crystals, their modelling and applications
15 December 2016   Tunable metamaterials and ultrafast (femtoseconds-picoseconds) nonlinear optics with liquid crystals 
9 December 2016 Composite boson many-body physics
5 December 2016 Listening to Einstein’s Universe: How We Detected Gravitational Waves 
1 December 2016  The role of Quantum Measurement in Stochastic Thermodynamics
23 November 2016 2D Materials - A New Platform for Strong Light-Matter Interactions
22 November 2016  Limitations and performance of Kerr nonlinear plasmonic nanostructures
17 November 2016  Fluctuation forces in confined systems  
11 November 2016  Tailoring the properties of NV color centers in diamond 
10 November 2016  Smeared-out ions at a charged surface 
4 November 2016  Singapore Quantum Materials Series
3 November 2016 Holography Principle: New Paradigm of Theoretical Physics
1 November 2016  Light-matter interaction in micro/nanostructures: hybrid perovskite polaritons and giant luminescent downshifting meta-structure.
28 October 2016    Mass-energy-loss of an isolated gravitating system due to energy carried away by gravitational waves with a cosmological constant 
28 October 2016   Tunable negative magnetoresistance in hydrogenated graphene
26 October 2016  Spatial squeezing of Terahertz light via graphene acoustic plasmons
25 October 2016 Fermiology in Solid State Sciences  
22 August 2016   Emerging photovoltaic materials: opportunities and challenges 
19 August 2016  Van der Waals interactions —their role in molecular recognition and self-assembly
19 August 2016  Introduction to the C++ libSimEngine library for rapid evelopment of physics simulation software, and application in a Grand-canonical Monte-Carlo simulation of DNA hexagona lbundles 
16 August 2016 Biophysical Analysis of Molecular Interactions with switchSENSE
8 August 2016 Ultrafast Growth of Graphene Single Crystal 
3 August 2016   Biophysical Analysis of Molecular Interactions with switchSENSE
26 July 2016  Electronic devices of two-dimensional materials: from atomic to molecular 
25 July 2016 Quantum Plasmonicsand Hot Carrier Induced Processes 
25 July 2016  Sustainable Plasmonicsand Plasmonicsfor Sustainability 
4 July 2016   MaterialsChallenges for Next-Generation, High-Density Magnetic Recording: Media and Read Heads 
12 May 2016 Enhanced Radiative Interactions at Meta Surfaces 
29 April 2016   The Dawn of Time-Domain Quantum Optics
28 April 2016   Universal Phase diagram for passive electromagnetic/quantum scatterers and hiding the interior region of core-shell Quantum particles with invisible cloaks
19 April 2016   Polaritons in micro-assembled polaritoniccrystal 
14 April 2016   Molecular Dynamics and Cluster Formation in Superfluid Helium Droplets
13 April 2016   Optical curl forces and beyond
7 April 2016 Brillouin microscopy for measuring micromechanical properties of biological samples 
25 March 2016  From Theory to Microgrid - Electrochemical Energy Storage Challenges  
24 March 2016   Generation of highly indistinguishable photons with cw resonantly driven quantum dots
22 March 2016   Quantum diagrammatic theory of the extrinsic spin Hall effect in Graphene 
10 March 2016  Spin-valley coupling in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides
4 March 2016   Dynamical solitons in individual and mutually synchronized spin-torque and spin-hall effect driven nano-oscillators
26 February 2016  Jumping on water 
11 February 2016  The Standard Model of Particle Physics and its completion
(The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013)
28 January 2016 Constructing vacuum spacetimes by generating manifolds of revolution around a curve 
26 January 2016  de Broglie vortices – nano tornadoes in the lab!
25 January 2016  Helicalised fractals
25 January 2016  Quantitative Research in JPMorgan  
20 January 2016 Spin Orbit Torque Induced Magnetization Switching and Spin Hall Resistance in Ta/CoFeB/MgO structures  
19 January 2016  Crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators and their applications 
By Dr Nan Yu 
18 January 2016 NTU / UniLuJoint Workshop
18 January 2016  Precision measurements with atomic sensors in space 
By Dr Nan Yu
8 January 2016
Homogenization of Periodic Electromagnetic Structures: Uncertainty Principles and a Fresh Look at Nonlocality 
By Prof Igor Tsukerman