Seminars: 2017

Date Information
27 June 2017  Spin Dynamics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
22 June 2017 Topological Spin Dynamics
22 June 2017  Atomic-Level Control of Quantum Material Growth: From Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect to High Tc Superconductivity 
21 June 2017 Functional magnetic oxides for biomedical applications and spin caloritronics
21 June 2017 The DNA Origami Route For Active Nanoplasmonics
21 June 2017  Chalcogenides - A Magical Class of Functional Materials
21 June 2017  Outstanding Thermoelectric Half-Heuslers and Zintl Materials
20 June 2017  Quantum Emitters in Flatland 
19 June 2017 Light/atom interaction: From Cooperative Emission to Quantum Vacuum Engineering 
9 June 2017  Active NematicLiquid Crystals on Tori
8 June 2017 Magnetization Reversal induced by Spin Torque Oscillation
17 March 2017  Quantum Technology with Ultra-Cold Atoms: From Atomtronic Devices to Quantum Simulation Architectures
17 March 2017  Ultrafast and Very Small: Discover Nanoscale Magnetism With Picosecond Time Resolution Using X-Rays 
15 March 2017  PlasmonicMetasurfacefor Photonic Applications in Demand 
15 March 2017 Chip-integrated coherent photonic-phononicprocessing  
17 February 2017  The Dirac Way: Using Symmetries to Predict New Physics 
17 February 2017  - AnomaloussignchangeintheSeebeckCoefficientoffewlayerMoS2
- Realistic lattice model for electron-electron interactions in undoped graphene
1 February 2017  Computational Modelling of Particle Based Systems: Fundamental Studies and Applications to Industrial Problems 
24 January 2017  Magnetocaloriceffect: from a tool to study phase transitions to the possibility of energy efficient refrigeration 
24 January 2017 Hybrid quantum sensing
19 January 2017  - Introduction of the DKU Medical Physics program 
- Perspective on Medical Physics

10 January 2017  Development of a biophotonicsplatform for studying photoeffectsinduced in a single biological cell