Seminars: 2018

Dat​e ​Information
20 December 2018​ Publishing in Nature Communications By Dr Liu Bo
14 December 2018​ SQM Seminar Series​
11 December 2018​ From Cold Molecules to Tests of Physics beyond Standard Model By Xing Wu
10 December 2018​ Quantum chaos of hydrogen-like atoms in a solid-state environment By Zhanghai Chen
3 December 2018​ Laser cooling in semiconductors:A look through a prism of time By Dr Denis Seletskiy
29 November 2018​ Many-Body Invariants for Multipolar Higher-Order Topological Insulators By Dr Gil Young Cho
28 November 2018 ​ Emerging superconducting materials for high field applications: activities @ CNR-SPIN By Prof. Carlo Federghini
14 November 2018​ Ultrastrong coupling physics and its implications, latest developments in quantum computing and quantum physics By Dr Thi Ha Kyaw
12 November 2018​ Observing Novel Electronic/Magnetic States in Transition-metal Compounds by using Soft X-Ray by Associate Professor Hiroki Wadati
9 November 2018​ Purcell brightening of single-wall carbon nanotubes for efficient and tunable single-photon generation y Prof Christophe Voisin
2 November 2018​ There are still spots on the sun. Some problems to be solved in fundamental physics By Prof Lars Brink​
2 November 2018​ There Are Still Spots On The Sun Some Problems To Be Solved In Fundamental Physics by Prof Lars Brink
19 October 2018​ SQM Seminar Series
11 October 2018​ The Artful Application of Machine Learning to Accelerate Invention, Discovery, and Development of Novel Materials By Prof Tonio Buonassisi
10 October 2018​ Quantum experiments with massive, mechanical oscillators By Prof Simon Gröblacher
10 October 2018​ Mechanical Motion by Professor Junichiro Kono
8 October 2018​ Macroscopic One-Dimensional Dynamics in Aligned Carbon Nanotubes by Professor Junichiro Kono
3 October 2018​ Start-Up by Proxy - A Second Hand Account of High Tech and Quantum Start Ups by Dr Andrew Collins
2 October 2018​ Medical Physicist and Radiation Medicine by Professor David Huang
2 October 2018​ Magnetic Skyrmions in Confined Geometries by Professor Mingliang Tian​
27 September 2018​ Towards Universal Quantum Computation with Bosonic Qubits by Dr. Yvonne​
14 September 2018​​ How to Synchronize the World to One Atomic Transition: An Overview of Atomic Clocks and Global Timekeeping by Assistant Professor Travis Nicholson​
10 September 2018​ Structural Properties of Multiplex Networks by Professor José Fernando F. Mendes
4 September 2018​ Stochastic Coherence Theory for Qubits by Professor Alexander Streltsov​
3 September 2018​ Femtosecond Spin Dynamics in Molecular Magnets by Dr J. Olof Johansson
21 August 2018​ Ab Inito Based Multi-Model to Understand Structures and Vibrational Spectra of Molecular Systems by Professor Jer-Lai Kuo​​
6 August 2018​ The Cosmological Constant: How Big Is The Problem? by Professor Ngee-Pong Chang​
3 August 2018 ​ Tunable Phenomena in Graphene: From Quantum Critical Dirac Fluid to Engineered Mott Insulator by Professor Feng Wang​
24 July 2018​ Accelerated Discovery and Design of Perovskite-Based Advanced Functional Materials by Dr. Kesong YANG​
18 July 2018 ​ Complex Variables and Their Application inTheoretical/ Mathematical Physics by Dr. Ehsan Hatefi
17 July 2018 The Fundamental Theory of The Universe and Universality in String Theory by Dr. Ehsan Hatefi​
21 June 2018 ​ Substrate-Induced Curvature Effects and Charge Localization in Monolayer MoS𝟐 by Dr. Bong Gyu Shin​
20 June 2018​ Combing for New Quantum Sensors by Professor Andre Luiten​
14 June 2018​ Increasing The Appeal Of Mathematics And Sciences In Children - What Can Universities Do? by Dr Riikka Lahtinen​
5 June 2018​ Kinetics of Phase Separation in Ternary Fluid Mixtures with One Polymeric Component by Dr. Amrita Singh​
25 May 2018​ SQM Seminar Series by Thorin Jake Duffin and Jia Ning Leaw ​
17 May 2018 ​ Workshop on Incorporating computational thinking in a Physics Curriculum by Prof Duncan Carlsmith​
15 May 2018 ​ Vapor-cell Clocks and Atomic Quantum Sensors onboard Sounding Rockets by Dr. Markus Krutzik​
25 April 2018 ​ Breaking Reciprocity and Time-Reversal Symmetry with Metamaterials by Prof. Andrea Alù​
27 April 2018​ Quantum vortex limitations to ultracoldneutron extraction by Prof Jeffery Martin​
20 April 2018 ​ The Cobra Wave by Prof Frédéric Chevy​
20 April 2018 Nanostructures for Green Photonics by Prof. Dieter Bimberg​
4 April 2018 ​ Cooperative and Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling: Dicke Phenomena in Condensed Matter by Prof Junichiro Kono
​23 March 2018 Non-linear Optics and THz generation in semiconductor microcavities by Prof Jérôme Tignon​
​15 March 2018 Charge regulation -not an upgrade but rather a game changer By Prof Rudolf Podgornik
​19 January 2018 Even less of an engineer: A random walk from physics research to engineering leadership by Prof Richard J Parker