Dat​e ​​Information
28 June 2019​​ Quantum Nanoscience: Atoms on Surfaces By Prof. Andreas J. Heinrich​
26 June 2019​ New Schemes of Room-Temperature Solution-Processes for High Performance Organic and Perovskite Optoelectronic Devices By Prof. Wallace C.H. Choy​
23 May 2019 ​
Workshop on Particle Physics and analyzing data from CERN and LIGO experiments
By Prof.Duncan Carlsmith

Topic: LIGO gravitational wave data analysis, reproducing the figure in the publication leading to the 2017 Nobel prize
22 May 2019​
Workshop on Particle Physics and analyzing data from CERN and LIGO experiments
By Prof.Duncan Carlsmith

Topic: CERN CMS data analysis lab, hunt for and fit bumps in di-lepton data.
21 May​ 2019
Workshop on Particle Physics and analyzing data from CERN and LIGO experiments
By Prof.Duncan Carlsmith

Topic:Introduction to Particle Physics and CERN; Matlab Basics.
16 May 2019​ Designer Chalcogenides By Asst. Prof Robert E Simpson​
13 May 2019​ Tilt dependent Hall effect in a Weyl semimetal By Dr. Anirban Kundu​
3 May 2019​ Flexible polymer waveguides for nonlinear and quantum photonics By Dr. James A Grieve​
30 April 2019​ 3/2 fractional quantum Hall plateau in a single layer two-dimensional electron gas By Assoc Prof Xi Lin​
29 April 2019​ Electron hydrodynamics and thermal transport in graphene-based materials By Prof Giovanni Vignale
22 April 2019​
8 April 2019​ Modal Galerkin methods with applications for transport problems By Dr. Satyvir Singh​​​
2 April 2019​ Broadband Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: The “Swiss Army Knife” for Understanding Spin-Orbit Phenomena By Dr. Justin M. Shaw​
1 April 2019​ The phase diagram of a two-dimensional electronphonon model with long range interactions By Dr. George Batrouni​
27 March 2019​ Ionic-electronic Processes at Low Frequency in Perovskite Solar Cells By Prof Juan Bisquert​ ​
25 March 2019​ The magic and physics of twisted bilayer graphene By Dr. Noah Fanqi Yuan​
21 March 2019​ What the structure of neutron stars can reveal? By Prof. Paramasivan Arumugam​
20 March 2019​​ Current induced magnetization switching of ferri-magnetic rare earth transition metal alloy films By Dr Takeshi KATO​
18 March 2019 ​ Quantum control of ultracold dipolar molecules By Dr Loh Huanqian ​
11 March 2019​ Materials by design: Machine learning and data-driven discovery By Kedar Hippalgaonkar​
27 ​February ​2019 

Scalable quantum information processing with trapp​ed-ion atomic clock By Dr Tan Ting Rei ​​

25 February 2019​ Novel Types of ​Nodal-loop Metals by Dr Shengyuan Yang
21 February 2019​

Development of Universal Transfer Technique for Large Area 2-Dimensio​nal Materials
onto Target Substrates by ​Prof Dae Joon Kang ​

28 January 2019​ Real-time approach to optical properties of 2D materials: time-dependent Bethe-Salpeter Equation By Dr Paolo Emilio Trevisanutto​
25 January 2019​ Electrons: Strange Particle with an Intelligent Spirit By Prof Xuechu Shen​​​
21 January 2019​
21 January 2019

Quantum Computing for the Near Future by Dr Man-Hong Yung​

17 January 2019​

Dark resonance fringes and dressed matter-waves: quantum technologies from atomic physics by Dr. Thomas Zanon-Willette​

15 January 2019​

On a Quest for Novel Functional Materials:Theory and Computation Guided Discovery and Design By Dr .Vladan Stevanović​

14 January 2019​ Zero mode of QFT and superluminal signalling in relativistic quantum information By Mr Erickson Tjoa
11 January 2019

Quantum many-body scarring: a weak ergodicity- breaking phenomenon By Dr. Wen Wei Ho​

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