Seminar 2020

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​21 September 2020 Stacking and twisting 2D materials for quantum nano-optoelectronics​
Frank Koppens, The Institute of Photonics Sciences (ICFO)
​17 September 2020 ​SPMS Odyssey Undergraduate Talk Series: Inferring the Complexity of Efficient Quantum Modelling
Matthew Ho, Nanyang Technological University
​14 September 2020 Anomalous metallic states and Ising superconductivity in 2D crystalline superconductors ​
Jian Wang, Peking University
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​11 September 2020 Critical properties of the Anderson transition through the looking-glass of the CBS and CFS peaks 
Christian Miniatura, MajuLab
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​10 September 2020 A possible path to room temperature superconductivity via charged excitonic complexes in two-dimensional materials
David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh
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31 August 2020​ Topological superconductor and Majorana zero mode
Jinfeng Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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​28 August 2020  SLM-programmable optical imaging and tunable diffractive lenses for bio-medical research ​
Monika Ritsch-Marte, Medical University of Innsbruck
24 August 2020​ Progress in 2D Magnetic Phenomena
Xiaodong Xu, University of Washington
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14 August 2020​ High Power Solid-State & Fiber Laser R&D in DSO National Laboratories
Lai Kin Seng​, DSO National Laboratories  
7 August 2020​ Sensing motion with cold atoms and ions
Paul Hamilton, University of California, Los Angeles
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17 July 2020​
Biomimetic Optoelectronics with Nanostructures
Zhiyong Fan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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3 July 2020 ​
Programmable quantum interference between two superconducting cavities 
Yvonne Gao, National University of Singapore
26 June 2020​ Physics and Application of Mesoscopic Optics
Hui Cao, Yale University
23 June 2020​
Probing ultrafast spin transport with terahertz electromagnetic pulses 
Tobias Kampfrath, Freie Universität Berlin & Fritz Haber Institute 
19 June 2020​ High signal statistic and space-charge free regime in time domain momentum microscope photoelectron spectroscopy of quantum materials
Fulvio Parmigiani, Università degli Studi of Trieste
15 June 2020​ Periodically driven Rydberg chains
Krishnendu Sengupta, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
12 June 2020​ Reducing classical and quantum memory requirements
Nora Tischler, Griffith University
8 June 2020​ Topological non-hermitian origin of surface electromagnetic and acoustic waves
Konstantin Bliokh, RIKEN
5 June 2020 ​
Gravitational waves' detection - the VIRGO interferometer 
Margherita Turconi, Univérsité Côte d'Azur
1 June 2020 ​ Electron pairing at ultralow density
Jonathan Ruhman, Bar Ilan University
29 May 2020 ​
A Quantum Communication Network with Bright Laser Beams
Ping Koy Lam, Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology
25 May 2020 ​ The Quantum Psychology of Dark Excitons: the case of the traumatic separation
Keshav Dani, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
22 May 2020 ​ 
Modeling affinity maturation of antibodies targeting viral spikes
Mehran Kardar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18 May 2020 ​ Second harmonic generation: a symmetry probe for 2D materials
Shiwei Wu, Fudan University
15​ May 2020  Quantum field thermal machines
Nelly Ng, Free University of Berlin
11 May 2020 ​ Scale Invariant Entanglement Negativity at the Many-Body Localization Transition
Arijeet Pal, University College London
5 ​May 2020 Electron transport in mono-chalcogenide 2D semiconductors 
Xuan Gao, Case Western Reserve University
30 April 2020 ​ Quantum cascade laser combs for spectroscopy and sensing
Jérôme Faist, ETH Zürich
27 April 2020 ​ Magic Angle Bilayer Graphene - Superconductors, Orbital Magnets, Correlated States and beyond
Dima Efetov, The Institute of Photonic Sciences
24 April 2020​ Controlling charge, spin and light in Pb-halide perovskite polycrystalline films, single crystals, nanocrystals, and perovskite layered systems
Matthew C. Beard, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
20 April 2020 ​ Hot carriers and screening effects in a two dimensional electron gas on InSe
Luca Perfetti, Ecole Polytechnique
17 April 2020 ​ Synthetic quantum Hall system with ultracold Dysprosium atoms
Sylvain Nascimbene, Ecole Normale Supérieure
13 April 2020 ​ Topoelectric circuits – the drosophila for synthetic topological matter
Ronny Thomale, University of Würzburg
10 April 2020 ​ Bulk-edge correspondence in topological materials -- emergence of surface states beyond de chiral ones
Mark Oliver Goerbig, Université Paris-Saclay
6 April 2020 ​ Quantized transport, topology, and thermalization in anomalous Floquet insulators 
Mark Rudner, University of Copenhagen 
24 March 2020​ Machine learning with images
Changyan Zhu, Nanyang Technological University
25 February 2020​ Introduction to Causal Inference
Suryadi, Nanyang Technological University
24 February 2020​ Strain Engineering Technology of Graphene for Novel Optoelectronic Applications
Nam Donguk, Nanyang Technological University
20 February 2020​​
Exploring Quantum Mechanics with Qubit Tic Tac Toe – Science Communication with Quantum Game 
Too Hon Lin, Nanyang Technological University
24 January 2020​ Optical sculpting and interactions between ballistic polariton condensates
Julian Töpfer and Helgi Sigurdsson, University of Southampton
23 January 2020​ Topological Materials
Hsin Lin, Academia Sinica
​20 January 2020 ​​ The Future of Computational Chemistry
Aron Walsh, Imperial College London
9 January 2020 ​ Quantum Fluids of Interacting Photons
Daniele Sanvitto, Institute of Nanotechnology
3 January 2020
Free-Electron Quantum Optics: basic science and new applications
Ido Kaminer, Israel Institute of Technology

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