Odyssey Programme


Homer’s Odyssey is a classic poem in which the hero undertakes an epic journey that is filled with discovery, adventure and unique experiences. In the same spirit, the Odyssey programme at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is a unique programme that enables students who are passionate about science to pursue research and scholarly activities, and imbue their undergraduate journey with the same spirit of discovery and adventure.

The Odyssey programme runs on two threads: 

Applications to the Odyssey Research Programme open during the recess week of each Semester 2.

Calls for student participation in international academic competitions are seasonal, depending on the competition period. Look out for such emails from the Divisions.

Odyssey also provides limited travel support for students whose posters or talks are accepted into international research conferences.

Odyssey encourages and supports student-led initiatives to foster a scholarly and scientific culture of learning. Examples are the Recreational Physics and the Odyssey Undergraduate Talks for Undergraduates initiatives that have benefitted students looking to learn beyond the traditional lecture-tutorial mould.