Degree Programmes

Our School offers the following 4-year Bachelor's degree programmes.

Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Broad exposure to multiple chemistry disiplines, emphasising knowledge of modern laboratory practices and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with
Second Major in Food Science & Technology

Selective interdisciplinary programme with perspectives from chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and industry.
Offered in partnership with W​a​gen​ing​en​ ​University in the Netherlands, and NTU's School of Biological Sciences and School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.

Mathematical Sciences

BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences

Flexible curriculum offering a mix of fundamental, applied, computational, and industrial aspects of Mathematics and Statistics.

BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences and Economics (Double Major)

Selective programme covering numerical, computational and statistical mathematical methods, as well as quantitative methods in economics.
Offered in partnership with the School of Social Science.

BSc (Hons) in Mathematical and Computer Sciences (Double Major)​

Selective programme providing a strong foundation in core mathematical concepts, and in-depth training in one of four areas: Theoretical Computer Science, Cryptography and Cybersecurity, Financial Modelling, and Data Science.
Offered in partnership with the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

BSc (Hons) in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Curriculum containing courses in both Mathematical Sciences and Computer Sciences, with an emphasis on the rapidly expanding fields of data science and artificial intelligence (AI).
Offered in partnership with the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Physics and Applied Physics

BSc (Hons) in Physics

Programme covering the science of the natural world at the most fundamental and general levels, with topics such as advanced quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, computational physics, particle physics, and cosmology.

BSc​ (Hons)​ in Applied Physics

Programme focused on the development of technological applications for scientific discoveries, with topics such as spintronics, nanotechnology, plasmonics, metamaterials, and laser physics.

BSc (Hons) in Physics with Second Major in Mathematical Sciences

Selective Second Major programme in which physics students earn a second major in Mathematical Sciences with courses such as analysis, group theory, discrete mathematics, and differential geometry.