Course Registration

Course Registration Instructions

Please read the course registration instructions set by the Office of Academic Services, followed by the programme-specific instructions below:

Refer to STARS for the registration schedule, course schedules, and other information.

For enquiries about course registration, email spmsundgrad@ntu.edu.sg. For technical issues (e.g., network performance, problems with the StudentLink password or STARS PIN, etc.), contact NTU's Service Desk. Please refrain from sending multiple similar e-mails as this will not expedite the response; all enquiries will be attended to as quickly as possible.

Changes to courses in AY19/20 Semester 2

  • CM4032 Current Topics in Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Change in lecture timing: Thu (1530-1730) updated to Wed (1030-1230)
  • CM4031 Asymmetric Synthesis will not be offered
  • PH4509 Quantum Field Theory with applications in Condensed Matter Physics will not be offered
  • PH2102 Electromagnetism - Change in tutorial timing for T3 and T4: updated to Wed (1600-1730)
  • MH4301 Set Theory and Logic - Change in lecture and tutorial timing: Wed (1030-113-, 1130-1230) updated to Thur (1530-1630, 1630-1730)
  • CM4011 Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Friday lecture venue changed to SPMS-LT1
  • MH3701 Basic Optimization - Change in Tutorial venues for groups T1, T2 and T3: T1 - LT 27; T2 - LT 8; T3 - LT 11 (weeks 6, 8-13) & LT 8 (week 7)

Sample Course Planning Maps

Some sample course-planning maps are provided below. Please feel free to download a copy and customize it according to your needs (e.g., they may be helpful for deciding whether to do a Professional Internship or FYP).

These samples are intended for students matriculating in Academic Year 2019/20 (updated 22 Jul 2019).

Students matriculating in previous years should note that some of the degree requirements may be different. Please check the School and Division webpages for the latest information about programme requirements and course information.

These samples are intended for students matriculating in Academic Year 2018/19 (updated Aug 2018):

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

For certain courses, students can exercise the option to be graded on a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis, rather than the usual letter-grade basis. Courses on which the S/U option is exercised are listed as "S" or "U" on the final degree transcript. They are not included in the CGPA, but count toward AU requirements for fulfillment of the degree programme, subject to the limitations stated below:

  1. Core Courses, Major Prescribed Electives, and GER Core Courses must be read on a letter-grade basis. Thus, the S/U option can only be exercised for GER Prescribed Electives and Unrestricted Electives. Also, courses read as S/U cannot be used to fulfill a minor or Second Major programme requirement.
  2. The S/U option may only be exercised for a maximum of 12 AU of coursework. The University requires a minimum 69 AU of letter-graded courses for the award of a degree.
  3. After the S/U option has been exercised, it is possible to revert the choice within the S/U declaration period. Once the declaration deadline is past, the choice of S/U or letter grade is irrevocable. No appeals will be entertained by the School.

Please visit the NTU Academic Services' S/U Option page for more information, including the latest S/U Declaration Period. Students are advised not to make the S/U declaration at the last minute! Once the S/U option has been exercised, please remember to print the confirmation page for your records. For queries, please email spmsundgrad@ntu.edu.sg.

Note that students who do not wish to exercise their S/U option are not required to declare this intention online.