Student Activities



The SPMS Club, one of the academic constituent clubs under the NTU Student's Union, organizes a wide variety of student activities throughout the year, including dance parties, sporting events, the Convocation Ball, and charity events.

The club is currently managed by the members of the 11th Management Committee. Striving to meet and improve the expectations of SPMS students, the club aims to facilitate and integrate the SPMS student body to be one in spirit and identity. Managed by 22 individuals with the drive and passion, IT'S GONNA BE A CRAZY year packed with interesting activities!!! Gather your friends, your course mates and join us in the SPMS Club's upcoming events!!!

Music Inti​me


Music Intime is a lunchtime concert organized by SPMS. Intime, pronounced [an-teem], means intimate in French. Light and relaxing music is played, featuring a wide variety of instruments.

The concert is held on Wednesdays during teaching weeks, from 12.45pm – 1.15pm at the MAS atrium. Everyone is welcome to perform – undergraduates, graduate students, exchange students, staff and faculty! Anyone who is interested should contact Grace (gracehoe@ntu.edu.sg).