Emergency Procedures

Please consult the SPMS Laboratory Safety Manual for up-to-date emergency response procedures.

Key Telephone Numbers

Emergency ​Numbers
Fire/Ambulance (Emergency) 995
(from NTU on-campus phone, dial 9-995)
​Police 999
(from NTU on-campus phone, dial 9-999)
NTU 24h Emergency Hotline / Campus Security ​6790 5200
SPMS Emergency Contact 6513 8577
Other Key Contact ​Numbers
Fire/Ambulance (Non-Emergency) 1777
(from NTU on-campus phone, dial 9-1777)
NTU Fault Reporting Centre ​6790 4777
Office of Health, Safety, and Emergency
6592 7799
NTU Medical Centre 6793 6974 / 6793 6828
​CBC General Office 6316 8908
MAS General Office ​6513 7426
PAP General Office 6316 2962
SPMS Emergency Response Team
Assoc. Prof. Rei Kinjo
Assistant Chair for Safety
​6592 2625
Dr. Lim Kay Jin
Assistant Chair for Safety
6513 7462
Mr Tan Can Yu
School Safety Officer and Emergency Coordinator
​6513 8447
Dr Li Yongxin
First Aid Team Captain
6316 8843
Contacts for Neighbouring Buildings
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ​6791 1744
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information 6790 6108
Nanyang Business School ​6790 6033
Carpark B (call Campus Security) ​6790 4777

On Discovering an Emergency

  1. Sound the alarm using a nearby emergency breakglass, or by calling Campus Security (24h) at 6790 5200.
  2. Alert and evacuate all personnel working in the laboratory.

On Hearing the Alarm

On 1st alarm announcement (“... investigation of alarm...”):

  1. Stop all instruments and experiments.
  2. Get ready for evacuation.

On 2nd alarm announcement (“... to evacuate...”):

  1. Evacuate to the assembly area in an orderly manner.
  2. Follow the EXIT sign. Do not use elevators.
  3. Follow the instructions of fire wardens or other emergency response personnel.

If you are unsure about the alarm status, please call Campus Security at 6790 5200.

Minor Injuries

If an accident results in minor injuries but poses no ongoing safety risk, use the first aid kit in your laboratory to treat the injuries. Then, proceed to the NTU Medical Centre (phone: 6793 6974 / 6793 6828 ) for treatment by a doctor. The Medical Centre is open from 8:30 – 9 pm on Monday to Friday, and 9:30 – 12 pm on Saturday.

If the Medical Centre is not open, or if you need transportion to the Medical Centre, call Campus Security at 6790 5200.

After such an event, you are obliged to report the incident, so that further risk assessment and investigation can take place.

Fault Reporting Centre

To report breakdown of electrical services, water services, or other infrastructure, please call the NTU Fault Reporting Centre at 6790 4777.

International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs)

The ICSC system is a database of up-to-date information about chemical hazards, and appropriate safety and emergency procedures. In the event of a chemical accident, if time permits and there is no immediate danger, print out two copies of the ICSC data sheets for the chemicals involved. Pass these print-outs to the emergency responders (Emergency Response Team and/or SCDR officers) when they arrive.