Quick Guide

  1. Lab Access – you need to complete the following to be granted the lab access

    1. ​​​​Complete the Safety Induction by watching the SPMS safety video and reading the safety guidelines.

    2. Complete the online Basic Safety Training (BST) modules. (​​Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Slip, Trip and Fall (STF), Manual Lifting and Office Ergonomics)

    3. Complete the online Risk Management training modules (Risk Management Core Module and Risk Management for Workplace)

      For Faculty, MSO and Research Staff access via ​Workday@NTU
      Go to “Learning” and search by “Topics”, click “Health & Safety” to see a list of related safety training

      For Students:

      • Login to NTU-Learn with your own username & password
      • Look for the courses Basic Safety Training, Risk Management Core Module and Risk Management for Workplace under the “Courses” tab

    4. Keep a screenshot once you have passed the required safety training modules and email to 

    5. Carry out your risk assessment for the intended work activities and email the approved risk assessment to

    6. Complete and submit the lab access request form.

  2. Completing the rest of safety training (job specific)

    You are also required to complete the applicable safety training modules as per job specific requirements.

    View our SPMS Safety Training Matrix here​​​​​​

  3. Getting your PPE

    Note that various PPE is needed to access and work in the laboratories. Check with your Supervisor (RO or PI) on what PPE is needed and where to get them. Also if there is any other specific requirements that you need to know.

  4. Set to go

    You are now all set to go once your lab access request is granted. Remember to observe the safety rules and ask when in doubt. Stay safe and work safe!