Useful forms & checklists

Topic Forms
Chemical exposure monitoring Qualitative Assessment Form
Contractor management forms

Pre-qualification and Evaluation of Contractor - For Contractor

Pre-qualification and Evaluation of Contractor - For Sch and Dept use

Contractor's Safety Briefing Form

NTU Contractor Safety Handbook

Contractor Safety Performance Evaluation

Corrective/Preventive Action Request (C/PAR) form


​Crane Lifting Operation Permit-To-Work Form

Lifting Plan​

Electrical safety checklist (on equipment drawing high current)

Electrical Safety Checklist​

Equipment Lockout/Tagout

Record of LOTO Performed

First Aid Box Inspection

Record of First Aid Treatment

First Aid Box Monthly Inspection Checklist

Hot Work Permit

Hot Work Permit

Immunization F​orm

Indemnity Form for Vaccination

Vaccination Authorization Form​

Incident Investigation Form

Investigation report

Medical Surveillance Form

NEA Medical Certificate for Laser Operator (For Class 3b & Class 4 laser)

NEA Medical Certificate for Radiation Users Licences (For L5, L6, R1 licences)

Self Assessment Checklist & Fitness Declaration Form

Certificate of Fitness

Register of Hazardous Activities Templates (Samples)

Office/Laboratory Take Over and Exit Clearance

Office/Laboratory Take Over and Exit Clearance Form​​

​Risk Assessment Form
(For Assocate Domian Account User only)
Risk Assessment Form​
Safety Inspection Form

Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist​

​SWP Template (for lab level) SWP Template​
​​​Work at Height

NTU Work at Height (WAH) Permit

Working Overnight/Weekend at Lab Facilities

Online Application - Working overnight/weekend at lab facilities form​

Workplace Noise Assessment

Baseline Noise Measurement Form

Checklist for Training and Education Content for Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring Report​