Lost & Found Procedures

Important Notice:
    • Any items found in SPMS building, please forward to the SPMS General Office @ SPMS-04-01.
    • The School will keep the “lost & found” items for a period of 1 month. If the School at its absolute discretion is of the view that any of the items do not have such a long shelf-life, then the School shall be entitled to use/and or dispose of the items before the 1-month period as the School deems fit.
    •  If the rightful owners fail, refuse and/or neglect to claim any items from the SPMS General Office within the aforesaid 1-month period, then the School shall be entitled to hand over the items to the Student Affairs Office (SAO). SAO will keep and store the items for three months. Please proceed to SAO for claiming of lost items if they are not claimed within the aforesaid 1-month period.     
    • In any event, neither the School nor its staff shall be liable or accountable to anyone in any way for the place, method and/or length of storage and/or the use, retention and/or disposal of any of the items.